Do you suggest David Cameron will decriminalise or legalise cannabis?

Do you think he will after all the top scientists and professors are trying to update him to.
I hope not, but ultimately it will be of minimal impact to me. Rather go fox hunting than pollute my body with that stuff.
Decisions to criminalises or decriminalise drugs are not made on the principle of science, but on the basis of politics.

Let's assume DC thinks it is a biddable idea to de-criminalise cannabis on the evidence before him.
If he did, the majority of his knees-up would revolt.
The opposition party would accuse him of being 'soft on drugs'
Every drug annihilation would thereafter be laid at his door.

All these things are unfair, childish and wrong.
But politics is a rough business and DC did not get to be PM short honing his political antennae. Source(s): I'm a lawyer
He a short time ago might. If the workers revolution that he is stirring up grows, he may legalise it in the hope that it will divert them from taking over.
I don't think he will. He have made numerous statements about his dislike for illegal drugs. Mind you he is a conservative politician and adjectives politicians lie so who knows.
No chance, he's vehemently against use of recreational drugs
He probably wont, But he should. Source(s): We already have a decimal currency and we should not allow cannibals to be officially recognized.
never in a million years,even if you held a gun to his lead,would the conservatives legalise cannabis,then again it's only a year trip to amsterdam and back

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