Is this right..Im self call a pedophile for this by my entire own flesh and blood?

Ok my girlfriend is 15 and I am 17, we both love each other very much, but no concern how much we want to get close (intimately) I refuse to until she turns at tiniest 16 (age of consent in the UK), so I will just hug, kiss and hold her hand because thats all I am comfortable with, but my kinfolk (everyone, aunt, uncle, cousins, nan, brother....etc) thinks its ok to call me a pedo, i am really well for the first time in years i am happy...but my ethnic group are accusing me of this and it makes me feel similar to a bad person merely for being with her, i love her next to all my heart and i dont know what to do.
This doesn't really answer you query, but I think you can legally enjoy sex now, because you are yourself under 18. I'm not wise saying you should, but I suppose it might help to point this out to your family.

Here's the ruling:

9 Sexual activity with a child

(1)A personage aged 18 or over (A) commits an offence if—
(a)he intentionally touches another person (B),

(b)the touching is sexual, and

(i)B is beneath 16 and A does not reasonably believe that B is 16 or over, or

(ii)B is under 13. Source(s):…
The piece to do is wait. In a year this won't be a problem anymore. People everywhere (not just UK) are terribly sensitive about under-aged sexuality and there is zilch you can do about what they think. If you keep on until she is "of age" then you are two responsible young relations and anyone who accuses you of being criminal can shut up. It sounds approaching it will be difficult for you two to wait, but the best route is to keep things platonic (friends) until the age issue is not a problem.
How times have changed. At 15 I left institution and worked a 45 hour week. That was in 1963. i believe the officially recognized age of consent then was 15. Ask your parents or your Granny if they remember. A lot of kids get married at 16 and had families in the first year. Ask them why was it ok then and not in a minute.
Good Luck.
You are doing a extremely mature thing and waiting until she is of age, however I woudn't bounce into unprotected sex (sorry I just have to say-so that).The fact that your family could use a occupancy like that so loosely shows that they have no parenthood.Therefore I would take what they say and throw it away.Continue one happy, and know you are not a bad personage.
Age gaps similar to that can seem huge when your under 18.

Once you are both over 18 later no gap, it seems, is too much.
My wife is 5 years younger then me although when we met she was 18 and I be 23. I do not see the problem. I suspect that either they do not approve of the young woman anyway or you are the victim of a rather cruel family connections joke.
Get your self a better family. Perhaps your girlfriends home will be a better bet. Dump yours completely. I met my wife when she was 15 and I was 18. and we have a long happy marriage and three super children. The average age difference between couples is about four years. Your family appear to be nasty cruel individuals. What a shame for you and your girlfriend.
They are very blinkered in their view. Ignore them and do as you feel is right. I think you're doing the right item.
Ignore them. Nobody can force anyone to be nice to you. End of story.
You apparently come from a ancestral of a-holes. Do your best to ignore them and not to be like them.

Do any of your critics, being silly or not, have a two year difference between them and their significant others (if anyone will have them)? If so, propose them a big dose of STFU and move on.

Steve from PA has a reading problem, since you've specifically stated that here has been no intimate hobby between you. That makes you, legally, NOT a pedophile.
u think thats an age gap?
thats nil!

my m8 is 13 goes out with a boy who is almost 17
if u watch underage and prego there is mre gap
Just be careful name can stick, and you are lucky her parents don't care,if it was my daughter i would enjoy blown my top. Source(s): Dad of 3
Legally ur wrong..and because of her age you could probably be charged beside statutory rape..does that make u a pedo..I dont think so..If u be 34..then yes u would be a wait till shes 16 and not a soul will care..Notice once a girl gets ancient the age of consent a 50 year old could screw her..does that make it right? Source(s): Knew a 42 year older that got a 16 year old pregnent..As wrong as that be not a thing legally happen to the guy..

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