Have i get any right and do thay ow me my benefits?

hi i started a claim at the job CENTRE on the 12th july and got messed around for ages and on got payed the 10days ago for the 1st time but the day in the past i got payed i had to turn sight on but i had no money no zilch i tryed a crises loan for travel and thay said no so i rung them and told them then thay Finlay sent me all the money thay ow me and sighed the subsequent day but now i own a letter thay thay will not pay me from 10th to the 17th of this month as i didn't sighed that hours of daylight is this fair when its there bad habit for messing me about for weeks and weeks and not paying me.im so angry at them

wat can i do ?
You should have call to let them know you couldn't attend - they allow this for genuine reason but anything else you're JSA is stopped. You are lucky they haven't stopped you two weeks benefit.
I had to attend two weekly when working part time to affirm my hours and when I began doing more hours and signed off, received a note saying I had not attended and my benefits be cancelled - they do not communicate.
Try appealing but don't hold your breath.
If you are a receiver in the UK the best thing to do is be in motion to the Citizens Advice Bureau the people there are thoroughly good at sorting issues like that out. Try and find the nearest one to where on earth you live. Tell them you have been messed just about and this was no fault of your own and the general public who dealt with your claim are completely unfair.
I hope you the best of luck.
You should be angry at yourself for not learning how to spell and getting a job. I almost not understood any of that. If you want help on here you have need of to write in a manner that culture can understand.
Regardless of the problems they may have been have, you still should have signed on when you were supposed to.

Also, swot to spell.
I would say progress out and get a job, but you will find this difficult as your spelling and punctuation are rubbish. That's get to be one of the longest sentences I have ever had the misfortune to read.
Get some spelling lessons next get a job.
ages is finite so there's no 'about' going on for it..

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