I enjoy some question going on for coprighting READ BELOW?

1. Is there an age limit?
2. Does it cost? If yes how much?
3. Apart from mail it to yourself how do you do it?
here is no age limit
it cost nothing
hold down you alt knob and while doing that type in 0169 which comes up like this (c) consequently your name joe bloggs
so you end up beside written across the middle
(c) joe bloggs 2010
if you want an example take a look at my website and see how I have done it on the photos
http://www.photosfromman.co.uk/ and incase anyone think i am advertising I am not it is just so you can see an example of what a copyright ends up looking close to on a photo the same can be done on any document but I would also add do this to a copy and save the original safe somewhere I own the original copies of all my photos uncopyrighted on a memory stick that simply I know where it is kept
1. no age limit

2. NOTHING. There is definitely NO requirement to register works

3. copyright is automatic as soon as an "artistic" work is completed. I.e. shutter pressed on a camera, manuscript of book written, painting done. etc. It is recommended that you mail completed works and associated record etc via registered mail to yourself and keep the packet unopened. This is NOT necessary though and just a method of providing proof of copyright if required.
1) No.

2) There is no cost. For additional protection you can "register" your copyright at the UK's Intellectual Property Office, for which there is a duty.

3) In the UK, copyright automatically attaches to any creative work the instant it is published or "committed to a durable medium" - eg written down, drawn, recorded if it's music, etc. The so-called "poor man's copyright" of mailing something to yourself in actual fact has NO legal rightfulness at all. Your work is copyright whether you mail it to yourself, register it - or do zilch.

The hint above about how to put a copyright symbol on a work is a biddable one, but the work is copyright whether you mark it as such or not.

The IPO has some adjectives guidance on its website www.ipo.gov.uk

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