Can someone travel to america if they enjoy a crimlinal history even if they get it 23 years ago?

is a person allowed into the usa if they have a criminal Record even if they get it 23 years ago and have never been contained by trouble since
I don't know about crimlinal records, but a criminal diary is not necessarily a barrier to entry, nor is the fact a conviction have expired, as it were, likely to ensure your previous diary is ignored.

If you want to go and verbs about being refuse entry on arrival, a very real possibility (and within is evidence to suggest that US immigration authorities are privy to UK criminal screening - all to fight terrorism, of course) if you are smaller number than honest filling in your little green form, later contact the American Embassy. I am sure someone there would be willing to transmit you if you would be welcome or not.
Yes you donot even have to mention it because its spend after at the most 5 years after conviction.

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