Sue for pure gas bleed (in Canada)?

Would there be any point in trying to record a lawsuit against a provincial natural gas company for indecent work?

We discovered a gas leak in the regulator prevailing to our home. Upon inspection, it was discovered that when the device was replaced 2 years ago, the fitting be not properly installed/tuned/adjusted (unsure of technical term).

Due to the risk of massive explosion/fire, I feel this is gross negligence. Something approaching this should not happen.

Could we have a defence? I am terrified of natural gas (pyrophobia), and this unquestionably has done a number on my psyche. I have set people who died due to a natural gas explosion (I eliminate to have gas in my subsequent home, electricity only), and I am traumatized knowing we were sitting on a potential time bomb.

Any legal opinion would be helpful.

If it would be worth calling a lawyer, what sort of overnight case should I ask for? Is this a lawsuit for negligence? Mental anguish? My goal is to make sure this does not develop again.

Why is it that the first point people ask is "can I sue" or in other words "how much can I get"?

Has anything be damaged? has anyone be injured?

If the answer is no then you have surely no chance of getting anything except a large bill for permissible fees.
Just phone them and let them know it's leaking. The will be out almost forthwith to repair it. I doubt you will have much of a case two years after the installation. Any number of things might enjoy caused a leak even if it be properly installed so you don't have a case for negligence. You're apparently not person treated for a mental disorder so you can't have been to weakly traumatized and you don't even have any proof that you were. You enjoy not suffered an economic loss so there's nothing to sue for.
if in that was an actual explosion or fire damage to folks or property, then yes you would definitely hold a lawsuit. however proving "gross negligence" defined as: conscious and voluntary disregard of the need to use reasonable protection, which is likely to cause foreseeable grave injury or impair to persons, property, or both. would be highly unlikely within your situation. the fact is that the likelyhood (unless you live in San Bruno California....oops !) of a resultant destruction or injury from a external gas leak (outside the dwelling) are pretty low, as the numbers go. but you should Definitly report it to the utility responsible. i know that anyone would be knowledgeable to use a spray bottle of very soapy water to check adjectives the gas fittings in and around the home,(don't wait for a problem) as time and deterioration can do lawsuit? probably not.
good luck !
Alot of people don't realize there are different level or classes of gas leaks. Just because there is a dribble does not mean there is instant life threatening danger. If your husband did not smell the gas, this could indicate that the overflow you had was small and potentially nonhazardous. The best entity to do if you smell or suspect a gas leak is to contact the gas company and explain to the best of your understanding where on earth and how strong the smell is. If it is a reputable company (I work for one in the US, but I don't know about overseas or Canada) they will promtly convey an representative to further investigate and make the leak not dangerous. Gas companies in the US fully understand the danger and liabilities involved with gas leak, and will respond with the right action. And you are right nearly demanding utilities provide safe energy. Source(s): Gas service technician.
You say that your goal is to ensure that this doesn't surface again.
I suspect a deeper, more financial goal.

The fact that you haven't have a maintenance check on your system in 2 years proves at lowest some liability on your part. The other fact that no defile has been cause to your property or your family also negates any claim. As for your claim of pyrophobia (fear of fire in fact - nothing to do with organic gas) and trauma, I doubt that this would wash in court any as you have had gas surrounded by your home for, at the very least 2 years.

You may find some shyster advocate who will be happy to take your armour (such as it is) on - God alone knows that there are satisfactory of them about! But I wouldn't start counting your compensation yet.

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