Are in attendance any regulations that state that a hotel owner must live on the premises?

I would really doubt it. It could be problematic if a individual owned more than one hotel.
By regulations you mean law? There's no statute that's going to state that but it's perfectly legal for a company to request this, I've see several hotels enforce that same regulation. Hotel managers get rewarded very well, they want your body contained by that hotel most of the time just in defence the sheet hits the fan.

I think you're confusing hotel governor with owner.
Not in the UK. A manager does not own to be there all the time any.
Absolutely None.

Do you think the owner of the Hilton chain live on the premises, or the travel lodge etc etc
Not contained by any jutisdiction I am familliar with.

What do you think Mr. Hilton does?
No, some do, some don't, thats why they have managers.
There's a big difference in a hotel owner and coordinator. I know hotel owners who definitely would never consider living there, but provide full time guidance.

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