What is the planning and statistical meaning of Privatised military companies?

Ive been playing HAWX, Army of Two and other video games that involve private military groups and i was wondering, why don't primary billionaires and millionaires who have progress in military expertise close to gun manufactures or just huge companies move into the private military?
They say that the PMC field is worth $100 Billion dollars a year so why don't companies buy simple modern bomber and competitor aircraft, Tanks and Navy ships, fill them with ex military mercenaries and own buy able armies?
For example, rich oil owners or manor owners could have major military power to shield there property from terrorist or foreign invasion when Countries wont help them. Or what something like countries buying PMC companies to help them in war rather than against countries?
Im just wondering the thoughts, planning and statistics of PMC orginisations.
They can make more then ample in sales of military equipment to a administration first of all.

Second, the largest cost of military is usually the pay and personnel and retirement when you draw from down to it. And if your not currently hired out, you have to eat those costs.

Third, most countries don't want to host PMC companies resembling you are talking about. The impression has been done surrounded by the past and it was not until going on for the 1500s that professional militaries were used. Companies of mercenaries would roam Europe and hire out to the highest bidder. When those companies be not employed, they often turned to raiding. So most countries don't want armed bands of mercenaries surrounded by their borders.

Fourth, remember above when I mentioned the highest bidder, well abundantly of times the easiest way to defeat a mercenary army posterior in those days was to out bid the creature who hired them. The same is true today when look at how Russian military units have be hired out in Africa. So there are small component mercenary units to do specific things, but hiring out an entire army is just too unreliable.

Fifth, as far a guarantee guard type missions, those companies do exist. They man oil rigs in Africa for example. Some are starting to guard ships against pirates contained by Africa. They tend to do small tactical missions, but hiring an army would not really be cost effective, you only hire what you obligation at the moment or you just lose profits.

Sixth, a lot of countries own rules about guards, weapons and such. This is normally why most merchant ships are not armed, so they can dock. So when they are hired, only small groups are hired for specific missions.

Now, PMC are being used contained by logistical roles, such as a lot of the truck drivers in Iraq. They can liberate a country money because you only hire them when needed and cut them when its over, so you have a soaring short-term cost, but save money in the long run because aver a full time army of those jobs means you hold a low cost at any given time, but a long term low cost that never goes away.

Also, the UN have actually looked at the possibility of PMCs filling the roles of International Police Task Force roles since they can never bring enough countries to volunteer police officers for those types of missions.

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