Is it lawful to show a child lacking their consent?

There has been a spate of money theft in my daughter's class, and we were thinking nearly installing a secret camera in the room to corner the thief. Is this legal? The pupils are adjectives 11 or 12 years old.
Which room?

In most states...

You may video in any PLACE where on earth there is not a REASONABLE EXPECTATION of PRIVACY.

If this is your own HOME - you can video anywhere you like... including your bathroom.

It's your freaking place.
only as long as they are wearing something to cover up their genitalia.
As long as it's not exploiting them in any process, it should be alright. Just to be safe it would probably be a good impression to inform all the parents anyway.
hello there

yes this is legal because it is agaist the canon to steal money and YOU are preventing that from happing installing camera's

its like having cameras contained by a bank, to stop people stealing lolly and getting away
and on the news i saw someone hide a video recorder in there childrens daypack because they thought the teacher was abuse the child, which she was Source(s): dont have one a short time ago know its fine since you actually only want to ambush the thief and NOT film any sexual scene with children, I would say it is permissible. I don't see any reasons why you should not install the camera to catch the pickpocket or thieves.
you involve to get the parents consent
Duh, of course, but it's not thee kids who consent it's the parents DON'T Film you will be walking surrounded by to a lawsuit
Who is this "we" you are talking about? Ask the institution attorney. That's what the principal would have told you.
yes, it is a public room with no intend on anyone private say like a rest room. Children can't confer consent there not old ample even if they wanted to. I know of several schools that own security Cameras install in the rooms and lecture hall ways.
Actually lots of school have a security system next to cameras involved, so I don't see how it can be?....on saying that, we have a permitted system that is build upon the same foundation of hypocrisy and double standards as our parasite infested senate, so who knows.

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