I hold be involved surrounded by a confrontation and very soon getting done for portion 18, what will ensue to me?

I am 20 years old and have no previous caution other than driving without insurance and stealing which happend when i be 16/17. I was walking back from a dark out ( i just like to affix that i was so drunk i fell asleep for 4 hours in the stick toilets) anyways.. i met this old friend of myne who i new for give or take a few 6 years anyways i was walking back home near him and we got started on by a random dude. The human being i was with attacked the stranger twice and than i get invlolved. The fight carried on fo about 15 mins, i be hitting him and the kid ended up in coma i didnt use any military capability or anythin. The other kid i was with have alot of convictions and is in and out of jail. This is the first serious conviction for me. i didnt grasp a loyar while i was in custody for 22 hours because i didnt know how serious this incident be. While i got interview by detectives they never mentioned the cctv or anythin. i would like to know why? After be in custody for 22 hours i got released on bail til the 16th of sept. The police took adjectives my clothes for forensics and told me to get a good loyar. What do yous culture think will happen to me?
Can you please lend a hand am worried sick :(
A minimum of 3 years in jail contained by the UK.
You do not need a loyar. You need to see a Solicitor asap. Source(s): I work for HMP. You should gain out of jail before your your 30th birthday.
What do you want to hear in attendance there it's all going to move about away. Get real you did the crime now you do the time.
after there's the joy if he dies with contained by a year and a day you go down for murder.
Your going to the big house. clink, the lock up, the slammer,
Your going to play darken the sausage with the rest of the prison inmates or a nice game of soap soap who's going to pick up the soap.
But the apt news is that you will be able to spell legal representative when you come out (If you get out) along with homosexual and lots and lots of wonderful gay little words.

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