Is it rape if you where on earth threatened into sex? and held down when you told him to stop n tried to attain away?

i was drunk a days ago, i ended up have to go to a fellas house because my phone battery be dead, id missed the ending bus home n id spent all my money on the drink...i be basically standed in belfast town beside my mate jade who was in duplicate position as me.
anyways this fella micheal came along n took us home, told us he would look after us n give us somewhere to stay for the nite because belfast is too harmful for two good looking 17yr old girls at nite.

We get a taxi there n i realised we be in a very doomed to failure area, we were prodestant loyalists within a highly nationalist area..prob one of the worst areas we could own been in! so we be very scared n glad we be stayin in a house all nite! so while we be there he kept tryin to get me on my own, he be dyin to have sex with me but i didnt want to.. in recent times wanted to go home but i couldnt til the buses be back on the next morning. so i kept pushing him away from me adjectives nite n telling him "nothing is gonna occur so give up, il leave my number n acquire to know u better 1st" but he wouldnt take no for an answer, he went out for 10mins n when he come back he said to me n my mate "rite see if u dont sleep with me immediately.. im chuckin yas both out! uve been f**kin teasing the hell outta me adjectives nite n im not takin it no more! yas are two loyalist girls on the falls road..yas wont last 2seconds if i throw yas out! so caroline ya better get up those f**kin stairs immediately or il call a few of my mates n win them to sort yas out!"
i haddnt been teasing him..i be pushin him away becuase i didnt want to do anything but it was gettin him wound up n he was gettin angry, so i did what i be told! went upstairs n we were have sex when i said "rite thats enuf now! ur hurting me now ..stop!" but he didnt, i tried to return with away but he held me down.. eventually when he did stop i shouted at him n started slamming doors! michael came running downstairs after realising he had done wrong n jade said "what own u done to my mate? why is she slamming doors n shouting? what did u do?" n he said 2 her "i did nothing wrong, she wanted to own sex with me!" n she goes "in good health she doesnt sound too happy bout it now" n he said "ably she told me to stop n i didnt stop rite that wrong?" n jade said "f**king rite it is!!"
So she came up n i told her what happend n when we came out of the room he be standing outside n he said "what were u 2 sayin? i did nothing wrong.. u grasp that in2 ur head now, that wasnt rape cus u give consent! so stop tryin to make out ive done somthing wrong!" n jade said "u have, u be told to stop n instead u held her down..rape! were gonna report u!" he then said to me "listen caroline im sorry, i didnt imply to upset u, il take u out for a drink to make up 4 it...please dont let somebody know the police cus the will put me away for a long time."

now jade wants me to report him, hes ring me threatenin me that if i report him the ira are coming after me n will kill me and my family. im panicky n i dont know what to too scared to tell my parents cus they will be in motion mad i got in2 such a mess!
but psyche just like to know, is it rape even if i did endow with consent? jade says it wasnt proper consent cus i was drunk n threatend ..but i dont know? please aid
Yes, it is. And you know he's a sick bastard by what he said about the IRA. Tell your parents. They love you even when you get surrounded by trouble.
yes it is rape.
you were raped. report him. he threatened you into it. you didnt present consent, you agreed to it because of threats.
yes i.e. rape. anytime somebody forces themselves onto u and u didn't want it it is considered rape. u shud report his crazy a(a)#. i'm so sorry this happened to u:(
yes that is rape, and report it to the police immediately. And dont verbs about the IRA if he goes to them its more than possible theyll shoot him for being a rapist, I know how they operate with regard to that type of criminal in their neighbourhoods. Sorry to hear of this ordeal, but getting him banged up for doing it is the first element of the healing process
Of course its rape, report him.
Yes it's rape report him and don't forget to tell them he said they threatened to gun down you and your family.
WOW...sounds like you need to net better arrangement's next time you go for calling it rape...girls that read aloud yes then no give sex a impossible reputation.You never mentioned your age....that might help.
I don't believe your story for a an instant, but in broad, it's not rape if you made the choice to have sex. Persuasion is not force.
This is a 100% BS story

Didn't happen, you application to make your writing look like a kids is sickening, your facts do not even go together

It is too bad that you spend adjectives this time writing this story when it is so full of holes most the 10 year old trolls on here could pick them out
is this a serious question?
If it is, you can't possibly be thinking it's anything BUT rape. That is the definition of rape. Holding you down and forcing you....
Yes - it is rape.

I'm no expert on sexual assault or crimes of a sexual nature but I am aware that "submission is not true consent." [At least possible not at the common law of England and Wales].

This clearly seem to be a case where within is not true consent and therefore he would be found guilty.

Secondly, s.75 of the Sexual Offence Act 2003 says that a circumstance which must be taken into explanation when deciding the relevance of consent is if:
"any person be using violence at the time or immediately earlier against the victim or another person or cause the victim to fear that on the spot unlawful violence would be used against the victim or another party." This was also seen surrounded by the case of Olugbjoa (1981).

Seek help is my first piece of proposal to you - remember that the police will have dealt near similar situations and there are constables trained to deal near such circumstance.

P.S - just for reference, the concern of being drunk when you consented only plays any part of a set in proceedings if it was not beside your knowledge.

I wish you the best of luck and hope a jury returns a judgment of guilty if you decide to prosecute. Source(s): Sexual Offences Act 2003 and own knowledge; canon student.

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