How several terrorists live within England?

You get terrorists living all over the world. One person's terrorist is another person's freedom gunfighter. I'm confused as to why you wish to know about England singular, what about the rest of the UK?
how the hell are supposed to knoe if not evan the goverment know
Too many.

But many consider them adjectives to be Muslim. In Northern Ireland, they are all Christian and on the mainland, people forget give or take a few the far right. Source(s):…… more than u think. Source(s):… 27
You'll find the most dangerous and destructive Brit hating terrorists within the foul traitorous houses of parliament......have you made an appointment with the psychiatrist even so?
They are holding most of the key jobs within this country ,You can guess yourself ,They are very united at like peas in a pod time ,But Human Rights is their umbrella ,open your window ,you will find one targetting this handsome island ,and cutting the same hand which feed them and their TWELVE CHILDRENS but still shout ,they hate this country , But they are still here for decades ...My lord when this tolerant country will find a lesson to tell them enough is plenty or is scared to react ... Source(s): How can strangers be the husband within my own home , unless i am the third degree... Idiotic unanswerable question - how various live in US? France? Spain?Greece - etc etc ad infinitum

Check out this posters other question under various pseudonyms - most modern one being Jessica Malone - they have a problem! Sussed you out really suddenly buddy - you need to get a energy and move as you obviously have a problem beside UK!

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