Left the European country beside debts ? Will it be problem applying for USA ?

Hello Everyone ,

I had left one of the European country near debt of 5000$ , and returned back to India 3 yrs back.

Now my interrogate is --

I am applying for student visa in USA , will the embassy people of USA will track my details of stay surrounded by European country , will they reject visa ?

Pls help me regarding this .

My intention is not run away from debts , I have used those money for my mother cancer operation.

Didn't occur to you that other people enjoy to share the debt that you left did it?..... Its called THEFT......No doubt you will be contained by America for a few months and another relative will magically get cancer EH?....The west doesn't need more criminals. Do us adjectives a favour and stay where you are. Its citizens like you that have brought give or take a few the world financial crisis. Millions are doing it all over Europe. Opening its borders to you people be the biggest mistake the west ever made, you will destroy everything.
Unless your debt has become a criminal grip you will be fine. They check your criminal records. visit http://uscis.com pop onto the immigration site and hold a good read.

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