Is in attendance anything I involve to keep watch on out for earlier signing a non-disclosure agreement?

Look for any terms that prevent you from disclosing dishonourable & (especially) illegal practices.
Sometimes this is hidden contained by wording such as, "..will not disclose day to day operating practices."
You want to hold the freedom to correct wrongs.
Like if you saw illegal dumping of toxic waste. Or individuals not shredding personal information obtained such as jotting down a credit card number on note composition during a business call and leaving on the desk for anyone to saunter by and steal.

You should be allowed to disclose any chemicals or irritants you have been exposed to contained by manufacturing to your doctor to help within treatment. But some labs don't want any of the secret formulas known, not even to medical staff.

Just don't confer up all of your rights.
A non disclosure agreement is particularly adjectives in the competitive computer industry. Employees that work in adjectives edge software or hardware may be asked to sign a non disclosure agreement in demand to protect the company's investment. Inventors often use a non disclosure agreement before presenting their accepted wisdom to a prospective backer or developer. Banks and investment firms might also require employees to sign non disclosure agreements to protect the personal financial information of its member, or information regarding the institution's own finances.

A typical non disclosure agreement covers the following basic points, and some examples of these expressions follow:
Names the parties
Outlines the confidential information
Lists conditions that would be legal exceptions to the agreement
Spells out the obligation of the party bound to secrecy
Dictates the possession of confidentiality in years
Covers miscellaneous or "boilerplate" points
It depends entirely on the context. Who are you, and who is asking you to sign the NDA?

In general, an NDA will not be effective to prevent you from disclosing criminal or evil activity, nor will it be effective surrounded by preventing you from disclosing information which you already knew or which later comes into the public domain.

Other than that, it will simply be a shield of you deciding whether you want to be bound by an NDA or not.
Basically, read it very in moderation to see if there are any terms you are not prepared to be bound by. If within are, don't sign it.

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