Is in attendance a specific format or a allowed document which is to be sent by a German host when inviting a friend?

I will be applying for a Schengen visa through the German embassy for which I do not have to furnish travel tickets along with the visa application if I enjoy an invite from a host in Germany.

My question is the invite which is required for this purpose is it a permissible document to be collected from any specific office? If yes, where can the form be collected from? If no, can a free-formatted epistle be written with all the important details and posted to the person being hosted?
You will contained by general have to furnish proof of a return flight reservation for a tourist/visit visa application. A hotel reservation however is not required if you can show an invitation notification. If the invitation just covers accomodation and you are able to support documentation of holding sufficient funds for your visa application it can be a free-formatted note. The letter should include the following information about the creature being invited:
complete name, date of birth, the person’s address and touchtone phone number, the relationship to the person being invited, the purpose of the trip, how long the party invited intends to stay in the country, details on accommodation and living expenses, the date the soul you are inviting intends to leave the country.
The letter should also include the following information around the host:
complete name, date of birth, address and telephone number, occupation, whether s/he is a citizen or a ongoing resident, a photocopy of a document proving her/his status in her/his country (passport, Identification card, birth certificate), a proof of permanent resident status (if s/he is a irrevocable resident)
Should you however do not meet the financial requirements and get supported by your host s/he will have need of to send you an official necessity form [Verpflichtungserkl"arung]. This can be obtained in common at the citizen's service office or the foreigner's office at the town passageway of the place of residence of the host. To obtain the obligation form the host must provide proof of sufficient funds and of sufficient room to temporarily host a foreign guest. The application involves a fee of EUR25.00 plus a service fee for the authentication of the signature which depends on the local community levy schedule [EUR0.50-EUR2.00].… ..… .. [see page 23]
There is no specific format. Just a letter will do.
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