Is osborne's budget fiesta? How do you settle on?

I think this budget will be felt more by the poor. I imagine taxes should have nice curves. That way respectively of us feels a small loss. One tax for adjectives means the loss is more noticeable when you hold less.

equal VAT and half the take-home pay means the proportion of income becoming VAT doubles.
half income = discern it twice as much
so i think the poor will feel it more
1.Most of the every sunshine things we spend our money on such as food and newspapers are exempt as are childrens clothing which are the things the poor spend most their money on.

2.Some may say VAT is the most regressive excise off all very well I couldn't disagree more because council tax is even more regressive than VAT which has be frozen for a year which should save everyone around lb200.

3,Council tax beneath Labour for the top 10% of earners increased by 70% but for the bottom 10% it increased by 93% in the last 13 years, so how is that neutral?

4.They've also increased child tax credits by lb150 a year from next year for the poorest relatives and by a further lb60 in 2012.

5.They've also increased the income tax threshold by a lb1,000 which should amass low and middle income earners at least lb170 a year when one parent works or lb340 a year when both parents work.

So on balance taking everything into details yes I do think it's fair. At the real worse if you do the sums the poor will be no worse off but they should be better off albeit simply slightly.

I'll point out to you and others that the childrens charity Benardo's have said in a statement that they consider it to be reasonable and have praise the government for redirect child tax credits from middle income earners to low income earners which is something they've been demonstration years for.
The richer you are the more you pay i cannot see how that is undue.. Labour will scream unfair but they would wouldn't they they are responsible for this bloody mess within the first place.

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