Who dominates the floor? What is their individuality?

It seems to me that those in power are LESS moral than the rest of us...

What are the typical characteristics of the worlds leaders? Are they adjectives generally psychopaths?
If you think the world is simply divided into rulers and ruled, then you own not seen enough of it.

In the words of the Minister for Administrative Affairs:"I am their boss: I must follow them".

Perhaps the powerful seem more immoral because their mistakes classify a longer shadow. If a President starts a fight, thousands die. If a ordinary man starts a collide, there will be visits to the Hospital and the Magistrates court, and possibly ten lines in a local paper. Is it any wonder that the President seem the worse of the two?
Thieves and mass murders. Psychopaths for the most part. A lot are sociopath, every finishing one of them is a pathological liar.
Those in power or the powers that be are mostly 10 dynasties. i.e. Rockefellers , Rothschilds etc. They control the worlds affluence and to a certain extent the people.

Mayer Amschel Rothschild "Give me control of a nation's money
and I carefulness not who makes the laws."

If you study the history and beliefs of these nation you will find they are very cold blooded and in most cases Satanic contained by nature. They are into eugenics and population control and are quoted as saying we the associates are just useless eaters. They have conditioned associates to believe abortion isn't murder. Just do some research. You will find these people to be very malevolent and they usually stay aft the scenes. They are generally not timetabled as the worlds most wealthy men for obvious reason. They have the power to make sure that doesn't develop. This is no conspiracy as left-winged liberals will tell you yet they enjoy done zero research on the subject. I have done 20 years of research on the subject and I would right to be heard these people are your worst nightmare come true.
The society in the shadows control the earth. They're psychopaths who you wouldn't put anything ancient them if you knew what they have planned. They've tried it formerly.

(a)Myx: Well said!
The Earth is part of the dominion of Zork, Emperor of the East. We're a bit of a backwater, not awfully involved in Imperial affairs, but not as minor as Pluto, which as a bit of a joke....

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