I enjoy a pakistani passport do i entail to return with visa from london or can i attain one at the turkish airport?

You require visa to enter to Turkey. Valid UK, Schengen or USA visa holders can obtain 30 days single entry sticker type of visa on arrival in Turkey (tourists or business company only). You require to submit, minimum 6 months valid passport, accommodation details and return ticket. Please note that you are required to own a certain amount of money (50 US$ per day) while you enter Turkey. All other type of visa applicants need to apply to the Consulate General. If you would close to to obtain your visa through the Consulate General in London [lb36] you have need of to make an online appointment.
http://www.turkishconsulate.org.uk/en/vi… ..
The visa fee at the border is US$20 or EUR15
http://www.mfa.gov.tr/visa-fees-at-borde… ..

http://www.turkishconsulate.org.uk/en/vi… ..
To receive a UK visa, you cannot obtain one at an airport in Turkey! Nor can you buy a UK visa in London. You must go to the British consulate (high commission) and apply for the type of visa which is required for doesn`t matter what purpose you have for going there, e.g. tourist visa, business visa, etc. You will not be allowed to board a plane bound for London (or anywhere contained by UK) without a UK visa. Pakistan citizens are not eligible for any visa-free travel or visa waiver program. If you are in Pakistan, jump to the consulate nearest your home.

BTW, you need a visa to enter Turkey, too.

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