For those of you who have to loose counterweight for the military?

how hard was it for you, i currently enjoy to loose like 9% body fat for the Navy within a year or so, so i can sign a contract for the navy before i catch into my junior year.
After I had my daughter I be over weight but wanted to blend the army. It wasn't easy to lose it but I had a purpose. I wanted to join discouraging. At first I was just dieting and exercising here and within at home but the best thing I did for myself was bring back a gym membership. I went to the gym almost everyday. I lost the counterweight and got into decent shape. When I go to meps to get my physical I was edgy I would still get taped but I be well under my max weightiness limit for my height. You can clearly do it, how bad do you want in? The convoy is your goal, always maintain that in mind.
explicitly easy . it is not 60%.
Its LOSE, loose is used as loose clothing.

Its not hard get a devout training programme consisting of Cardio exercises - running, swimming, cycling etc and Muscular endurance exercises - Press ups, sit ups, pull ups, squats etc

Eat okay and you should lose weight and get fit.

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