This is a bit of a tricky situation.?

A friend of mine has a girlfriend who is a lot younger than him and somewhat immature. Whenever I hang out beside him, her friend tells her its cheating and everyone gets barmy at him. I enjoy his company, really dont want the people surrounded by his life to hate him because of me. Do I lately walk away because that would be easier?
ask your friemd what he desires to do.
if the girl means enough he will permit you know to back off
So much for your "friend".
Just tell the girlfriend that you really don't want to "steal her man". That you contemplate of him as a friend and that you just like flaccid out with him. Tell her that it's possible to actually be "lately friends" without any major romantic involvement, to own a bit of trust on her boyfriend and you.
You can also try to tell your friend about the situation and ask him what he think, maybe he doesn't mind being wrongly accuse (though that's unlikely).
Either way, I don't recommend you to walk away short trying to set things straight! If in the end here is no other choice, then at least you can say aloud that you did what you could and feel satisfied. But I sincerely don't reason that you have to sacrifice your friendship for a somewhat immature misunderstanding! Source(s): My insight about this situation... nah don't walk away, do what you have to, its your enthusiasm and if you can deal with what ancestors will say/do to you then go for it,

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