Why America don't close to Chinese?

I'm from china and I see all the time USA people and leaders don't approaching china. I don't know why...what did chinese people do bad to your country? we are poor associates and work any job we have. If u can't work similar to us...why hate us?
That's not true at all. Most Americans have profusely of respect for the Chinese and those who have studied history have seriously of respect for your nation, understanding that it is still young. Those of us who are adjectives know that when the United States was 60 years old, we still have slavery. China is still not a true democracy, but it has made great strides towards democracy, and in time it will be as free a nation as the United States. But, even immediately, we know that China, like the U.S., has conservatives who want to control people's lives and liberals who believe surrounded by more freedom. Most Americans don't hate the Chinese, but there are a few loudmouth idiots who are packed with hate. We ring them Republicans.
I don't hate China. I hate Clinton for selling our reduction and military secrets to China. It's not only Clinton, it's everyone contained by the Congress who had (in the 1990's) and continue to put on the market our country to China. Also, no one in Congress today is doing anything in the order of the trade imbalance.

Most people within America do not hate the Chinese people, they dislike intensely what globalism is doing to our country and the name "China" gets used like mad when discussing this.
The Chinese want to become the worlds sole superpower and destroy America. We want nought more than peace but the leaders in China want more power and money.
Don't listen to ignorant people. They don't approaching other foreigners,either. A lot of people here are kids or teenagers who behave contained by an insulting manner because they are anonymous. They think it is fun to deed nasty.

Tell America that Britain will do a deal. We will swap adjectives of Americas Chinese for our Muslims.....Chinese settle beautifully in Britain, work strong pay taxes and make great food. no problem at adjectives.....Go to the white house and start negotiations.
I cogitate that Americans have a generally positive belief of the Chinese People. We don't care for your government or for our government's coddling of them.
I like Chinese ladies. I antipathy Chinese men.

What did they do to our country? Remember Vietnam? Were those not Chinese made weapons they had?

I want your women, not your business. Stop buying up OUR country.
I hold no quarrel with you.
America's interest in China is rooted within the Cold War, Communism vs Democracy. I believe that Americans have nothing against the Chinese individuals, it's just the Chinese government to be precise at the heart of the issue.
The chinese are generate mega pollution and overturning all our efforts to stop worldwide warming (if it exists)

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