We've see some pretty extensive cuts, and its simply the first of lots?

Hi Y!A

I don't expect sympathy from the British people, considering one of the pressing issues right now is the cost of the welfare state.

Basically, I live surrounded by a council flat with my mother, I'm 19 (sad isn't it?) I've just finished 3 years of college, passed everything, but as you would expect these qualifications are meaningless without experience.
My mother claims incapacity benefit, housing benefit etc since she fell off-colour last year and had to quit work (due to an syndrome known as M.E) I've heard incapacity is going to be cut rear today, I'm not entitled to JSA until September because I was at college for some purpose, I'm entitled to NOTHING.
Hurrah you may say, but how will I be able to acquire a job? how can I live on nothing?

I am looking for work, surrounded by fact I've had 2 interviews and I'm even going to connections today for an interview for an apprenticeship next to the council (ironic since they're slashing jobs in the public sector sevenfold)

Do I hold a future?
Things are hard now but the organization are doing the hard stuff now so that you can hold a future, you will have a adjectives.

Labour over 13 years grabbed peoples futures with both hand and threw it down the toilet, for people like you and the subsequent generation.

The government are making immensely difficult decisions and very tough decision, but ride the storm and hang on because a bright future will emerge, a adjectives for you and us all to embrace.

Have faith contained by the government, trust them and we will all be better for it.

Dont listen to tabloid trash.
You enjoy a future. Life is tough for some people, some populace ride a wallet - but keep at it and sometimes you have to earn a crust doing something else until you can draw from the employment you want.

Life is not fair but if you want work there are job so dont be too picky.
To be honest you haven't get a clue what you're talking about , who said they're slashing public sector job sevenfold ? Where is your evidence ? or are you just repeating ill informed propaganda ?

There is work out in that if you want it enough , you might not get to do a livelihood you enjoy ( very few inhabitants ever get that ) or earn the sort of money you want ( very few ancestors ever get that ) but there is work out at hand .
Yes, you own a future. I admire your tenacity and your determination. As Churchill used to say aloud,"KBO - keep buggering on" and you'll find that important first assignment, even if its not exactly right for you - you can always change then. The welfare State was designed to be a safety network, not a way of life, and you are right to hold on to looking.
Cut backs in welfare are inevitable given the gargantuan amount handed out and the numbers of false claims, but the genuine should other be protected. I wish you the very best of luck. KBO
Never ever give up Danny boy! Of course you hold a future - I wish I be 19 again. It's not easy but you can do it. Try to get yourself a trade, and do something resembling sparkying or plumbing, a service that everybody needs. I'm a sparky, and I've never been out of work since the day I left academy, but I learned my basic trade surrounded by the forces. It's not an easy job, but I've other been paid and I owe nobody anything.

Stay focussed, hang on to writing to companies, keep pestering them and tell them that you are the 'best'. Don't expect to start at the top, and a short time ago try to be nice about everything. Frankly, we are crying out for good and rock-hard working young people to team up our profession. Keep a close eye on you local paper for apprenticeships, you not too old to be an apprentice.
Everyone has a future, its the characteristic of that future that changes
Good Luck
Have you thought of starting your own business, nil big and complex, a window cleaner type thing(until things perk up)

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