My sister have be served an eviction become aware of.?

My sister was served an eviction notice surrounded by April which stated that she had to be out of her property in 2 months. I spoke to the woman involved in evicting her who was from the local council (Wales/UK).
The female even said that my sister had to be out of the property in 2 months.

I help my sister move this week and she is staying with a friend until she gets a tentative place. She will do this by declaring herself homeless.

But, the lady form the council is in a minute saying that my sister can't declare herself homeless as she still have 2 months left on the property until a court order can be established. Even though the communication was from April 2010 stating that she has 2 Months to leae because of rent arrears.

I want to very soon if my sister can declare herself homeless or if she has t move bac into the property (which would be difficult). Thanks for your relief & No flames please, Just helping my sister.
This council seems to want things 2 ways and not the one to which they are entitled. Your sister have done the correct thing to get out by the conclusion of the notice period and should affirm herself homeless. Go to the Citizens Advice Bureau and they will give you some real and expressive advice. The service is free and there is usually an department in most towns. Whatever, you can find them somewhere near you.
It seems that your sister was threatened near something that wasn't actually being enforced.

They said she have 2 month to go "or else" but they hadn't actually started legalized proceedings against her because it costs money.

They were just hoping that she would sign out without them actually paying out money to own her removed.

She did leave.

Now she is still registered as living at the property because the paper work hasn't be filed, but she still has no right to live near because she didn't pay the rent.

She is just going to own to wait it out.
cheap and nasty tactics by council, you should know how to declare her homeless because she is not living in that property anymore, if anyone comes surrounded by your way then show them the eviction reminder. That lady is can't tell you what you can do and can't do so turn ahead and declare her homeless because you are in the right side of the tenet.

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