Would I win arrested for flag burning surrounded by the England?

Say I burn the English flag, would I get arrested for that?
No, you individual get arrested for going against Islam in the UK.
Islamic flag yes our own flag no and you even hold to ask permission to fly it in defence it offends some Muslim .But the tide is turning slowly but inexorably the PC nutcases days are numbered thank god, But the harm they own done will go on for generations to come.
No, you won't get arrested for burning rubbish.
No but i would return with arrested for GBH after iv beat you for disrespecting my country Source(s): arsehole!! The flag means subsequent to nothing in this country. only as well since 80% of the population hasn't got the ball to defend it. God help you if its an Islamic flag though.
I would arrest you lower than the public order act as it would be probable to offend, just burn a voodoo doll of the players instead, psyche give you the match. Source(s): UK copper Not for the flag unless it presented a fire risk or was likely to basis a breach of the peace - just the same as lighting a piece of cardboard.

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