"You honestly would place your hope within parliament bueracracy, fairly than the individual?"?


That is an actual quote from a response to a previous question:
"You honestly would place your faith contained by government bueracracy, rather than the individual?"

... and you honestly would place your principle in the unqualified unknown of the individual rather than the formalized institution? Jeffrey Dahmer be an individual. NO, I do not expect the concealed private motivations of individuals to incidentally produce an advanced society as a byproduct. Do you? I expect the concealed private motivations of individuals without the formalized institution of government to produce din. YES, I trust cooperation, organization, and institution to produce cooperation, organization and institution a unbroken bunch more than I trust random individuals with unknown motivation and intent. I guess I'm benevolent of funny that way.

What about the rest of you? Do you trust your cleverness to predict a total stranger more than an established institution? Do you expect greedy antisocial individuals with devious motives to accidentally produce a sophisticated benevolent society? Do you expect the actions of baking chocolate chip cookies to produce cherry pie?
The govt is proven inefficient and abusive to the private individual.
I do not put trust in the govt. I am not a follower, I ruminate for myself.
I don't think I enjoy a choice.
But no.
An evil big government is much more dangerous than an evil individual. Just read the history of the 20th century.
Yes, I would place my faith in an individual over a establishment. Each individual is the same as the people surrounded by government except once in organization they end up with too much power. When the established institution is corrupt to a in the vicinity infinite extent, what good is it? An individual has to follow rules and law, government does not.
The problem beside the original foolish statement is that its better said

"You honestly would place your faith within government bureaucracy rather than the corporate bureaucracy"

My response is yes. While I for sure am not in love with any we do have some recourse against governmental agencies but very controlled access to what is going on in private business, and very little pavement of recourse. The CIA for example did not want to release the "family jewels" documents but they had to. Believe me they would not hold released them if they didn't have to.
Government "bureaucracy" is THE problem, only look at the gulf fiasco, so much "red tape" next to nothing get done..
Yes, I'd trust a total stranger with my duration before a single politician. You have know thought how much I despise and distrust the state.
Neither. I rather trust a hungry wolf much faster than any human.
I think that the "individual" to be precise being referenced in the imaginative quote is one's self, not some other individual. In other words, the original quote is interpreted, by many, as asking whether you would trust the parliament to ensure your wellbeing, rather than relying on yourself to do it.

A society where on earth there were no senate involvement wouldn't work - we couldn't build our own individual roads, provide individual enforcement of law, or individually educate our children and expect to enjoy anything other than anarchy. Nor could we have a society where on earth the government does everything without individual involvement. History have shown that such a system would collapse under it's own weight.

It's finding that point of symmetry in the middle that everyone can agree on that is so difficult. Too far surrounded by one direction for one group, is not far enough to the other.
We have no choice.

I saw the 'softness begin surrounded by the 80`s...The American`s became complacent....and then within were their children...There are many reason for the American populous`s "softening". Some were natural, some be a part of the progressive`s evil plane and their power grabs of the school and the "workers". I can`t write a book here but I know I`m right. I know what I saw....I know what I see....and I`m not bored anymore.
Since most people are not of Jeffrey Dahmer's mindset, I would hold to say yes-I would place my faith surrounded by an individual long before I would place my faith within government bureaucracy.
Since as a human being I can also choose not to place my expectation in a specific person if something tell me not to-but once in place, the bureaucracy cannot be stopped easily.
What the hell are you discussion about? Why would you even ask a question similar to this?

Motives aside, it's clear that a group of educated, professional government bureaucrats who are somewhat expert surrounded by their field, are going to produce a more advanced society than any one individual ever could.

Whilst individuals are important and normally come up with the ideas, it ALWAYS take cooperation to bring those ideas to fruition.
true ****
After suffering labour for over a decade - obviously I put my faith in individuals a bit then quangos.

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