Can I stir on holiday at the age of 16 minus parental consent?

Hey! I am wanting to go on holiday with my boyfriend for our 16th birthday (our birthday is on like day), and I know my parents won't agree. I've been with him for a year and a partially and they have never been competent to accept it. Am I able to stir on holiday with him?

P.S: He will be 18 x
You're not technically free to do that until you are 18. Sorry, but you aren't legally an full-grown yet. If you want to go on holiday that weakly, make the case to your parents. They might be capable of understand (unless they are against you dating older guys...which might be it).
Yes as expected you can, but why would you want to ignore the People who have loved you and brought you up, why is it roughly you, remember this, your parents could also kick you out without a penny so you prefer homeless and selfish or loyal and loved.

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