Am I a criminal if im caught speeding?

I propose rather than one speed limit sou`wester we should be given the option of means carrying out tests for fitness & judgement in order to donate you a license to +10mph on the speed limit. Afterall the cops are human and able to speed, perchance they should open up the advanced driver training to the public. Im not advocating speeding or wreckless driving but I believe speeding can be done without risk if you pick your moments wisely. I do find it silly that so much time and money is spent policing people who are doing I don`t know 8mph over the speed limit. Thus making most people surrounded by this catagory a criminal? Are people really endangering the lives of others if they counterattack times are better than most? Or is it all about making money?

Please comment on this, thankyou.
It's not that it's a crime as such. Speeding on it's own is technically an offence, but unless you do a hit and run, after you are hardly a criminal.

Much of it has to do next to money, and councils/states showing money earned. Have you not noticed that they put speed test on open roads, which you are more than capable of exceeding the speeds. In my country we enjoy the biker police, and they can literally park anywhere. I once got stopped on traffic lights!

Personally I do not like speed cops, and I discern their work is not appreciated in any country. In a world were true criminals exist, how can you conciliator us in the same bearing.
you've been hit by a smooth criminal.

sorry - i couldn't minister to it, so bored, i know!
And how pray do you ponder this could be policed?

How are the police to know that Fred in his red Astra is an "A" license holder and able to turn at xx above the posted limit but John in his red Astra is a "B" holder and not?
You moan almost the money spent policing it at the moment but in your world it would cost a heck of a site more would it not.

Limits are their as an arbitrary rule which everyone is meant to comply to.
I agree that commonly it is perfectly safe to exceed those margins just as it is often not not dangerous to even go at half the speed of the set restraint.

Driving is all about adapt to conditions.
I drive a powerful sports car and enjoy doing so. There are times when I own up that I go over the posted limits but in attendance are also just as many times where on earth I can have a good "hoon" but stick inwardly the limits.
no. not in the uk. speeding is not a criminal offence, it is a civil fault. it does not show up on a CRB check, and the police do not give a crime number
I propose you just drive the speed control.... You're really in that big of a hurry all the time that you own thought up this in year head?
I completely agree. There should absolutely be classes of licenses, approaching A, B, and C, with C being the most restrictive, mostly for contemporary drivers and old people, B for the average driver, and A for the road hardened, white knuckle professionals who know how to properly toy with a vehicle.
When your speeding, your not just a danger to yourself, but other nation as well. You and I might have the sensitivity time and ability but others might not and because your going faster, they might get into an misfortune because they cant react. Good question though I approaching it
I'm not sure you'd get this to work in America. People here give attention to they have a right to a car, and a license is so effortless to get that they don't think of driving as a responsibility. I've sometimes thought that some long-distance constrained access highways could be built for high speed travel that require a special license back-up to use. Then I hear people whining about HOV carpool lane (I pay my taxes, how come I'm not allowed on that road/lane, i rewarded for it, etc.) and know that it can't happen with public money--unless someone builds it as a toll road for truckers or have another economic reason to build it privately.

I'd prefer it if we did things rather more like Germany--serious driver training and a true test of righteous driving skills before you get a license; spawn losing a license a real fear (even for non-drunks); set up highway law, signs, etc. with the assumption that people do know how to drive (since idiots don't capture or keep a license) and so on. Can you imagine an autobahn contained by America? I can't. Somebody would treat 'slower traffic keep right' as a suggestion rather than a command, and you'd hold two idiots doing 70 in the left two lane, while everyone drives 90 in the right lane around them. That's the problem--you can't just furnish a few people a 'good driver' pass--they still share the road with poor drivers. The simply way to let the virtuous drivers go faster is to make everyone well-mannered drivers and/or get the bad drivers stale the road. And don't forget that more than 3 out of 4 people would call themself a apposite driver, but also think that more than half of society on the road are bad drivers.

Yes, speed enforcement at speedtraps is usually something like the money, and it goes on your driving record, not your criminal text, but I see what's bugging you. I just don't know how anyone can fix it.
Most speeding laws have zilch to do with safety. Same go with most traffic laws.

The entire system is built around money and generate revenue. My parents' town has a college in it, and they not long lowered the speed limit in front from 35 MPH to 30 MPH. There hold been no reported pedestrian-car accidents, and one and only very minor car-car accidents. The intact point was for the cops to give out more tickets.

You may find it silly that so much time and money is spent on what is essentially a outstandingly minor nuisance, but to the cities and towns that deal beside the citations, it is big money.
YOU ARE ALREADY CONSIDERED A CRIMINAL! Source(s): Wake up ring! Speed limits are determined by road conditions. They are not set specifically to make money through traffic tickets, and they are policed simply because so tons drivers think they are better behind the joystick than they really are. If one really feels a need for speed, within are any number of safe tracks that allow for racing. When sharing the road, here is always a chance that someone will effect an accident. Speed limits assist to minimize the damage and the injuries that result.

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