Are the legitimate patriot of any country, the political activist and dissidents?

they are after all trying to improve the country. (in their view)
regardless of whether they are on the right or departed.
they care a lot more something like the country.
Absolutely not. Those are the loud mouthed attention seeking and need groups.
I agree. It help keeps people thinking and stirring.
The real patriots of the U.K. are those who serve contained by the armed forces and who therefore protect the freedom of the rest of us. To hell with the vile, basis cowards who, in our country, air their view as dissidents and political activists whilst hiding behind the shield of freedom of speech, which service personal are, at this moment aggression to defend ! Source(s): A real patriot ! No, American Marxists are traitors, not patriot.

Tea Party activists seeking to return the nation to Constitutional principles are patriots.
It really depends on what they are protesting and who they are upsetting. If you run against an administrations policies your a dissident. If you are a cheerleader for the government your probably not much of a Patriot.
True patriot are people who try and look after their own kind, charity begin at home!

All they are is people with political opinion. In fact all they are doing is taking supremacy of the freedoms that were paid for by the sacrifice of others.

The way to tell the difference between a partiot and a loudmouth is to ask the interrogate: "What sacrifice have you made? What price have you rewarded?"
. Source(s): 30% disabled veteran. Why should someone who tries to improve their country through violence (as dissidents tend to do) be more of a patriot that someone who tries to conveyance it democratically and peacefully? If anything, dissidents are less patriotic, because they don't attention to detail who gets in the style as long as their aims (which tend to not be popular with the majority of the people, other astute they wouldn't be dissidents) are reached.

The real patriot are those who do whatever they can to advance their country for the better, but not by going against majority evaluation and democracy as some activists do, be it through politics, joining the armed forces, or whatever.
Patriotism is the last refuge of a louse.

Samuel Johnson made this famous pronouncement that patriotism is the end refuge of a scoundrel on the evening of April 7, 1775.…

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