I entail answers very soon! Please assist!!?

so i live in NEW JERSEY and im taking my daughters father to child support. (whenever i get a court date) Anyways he say that he is gonna go in in that and tell the judge im an exotic dancer (yes i am and dnt apoligize for it) so.......... my cross-question is will the judge see me as an unfit mother (I AM NOT!!) and will i still get money. b/s he just wants to pay 2oo a month and thats not ****!! wtf am i supposed to do beside that? my rent is 12oo.......in addition to adjectives the other bills, diapers, wipes, milk, babysitting, etc......

How will it go? Anseers plssssssssssss
1. The court decide custody on "the best interest of the child". You only have to be smaller number fit than the father to lose custody. Being an exotic dancer WILL be considered by the court, but so will the way the child interacts with you, your relationship to other domestic members, the lifestyle the child is provided by you, etc. The court will look at the schools close, the daycare facilities the child uses (if any), the availability of medical care to the child, etc. This will simply come in to play if the father seeks custody of the child. It sounds approaching he might.

2. Child support is determined by the income of the non-custodial parent. There is a chart, and they quite simply look at income and number of kids. Adjustments can be made for serious medical conditions, etc. but it's actually moderately difficult to get child support adjusted. You can find the New Jersey Child Support Chart online.

3. Don't count on delivery a dime from the father. The vast majority only pay envelope what they absolutely have to and will run from the system every single kismet they get. Consider getting a cheaper place to live. Never count on receiving any child support, no concern what the court orders him to pay.
1. Learn how to spell.
2. What YOU do for living, have no bearing on the issue of child support.
3. Child support is for the child, not your rent, and his based on his income. If adjectives he can afford is $200 a month, that's all you'll get awarded from the court. Source(s): Neither does your reply pole dancer but you posted it anyway. The referee won't care what your job is so long as your income is endorsed.

Now, The judge is only going to consider how much he must pay envelope in order to pocket care of your duaghter. (i.e day attention to detail, reasonable housing, clothing, etc...) If the father was not involved within negotiating how much your rents is then the find will determine how much is reasonable for him to pay. If you speak, "but Judge, i need more bceasue my rent is $1200" the judge might enunciate that $1200 is more than necessary to provide a safe home for your daughter.
uh...the support conciliator won't care what you are doing for a living. He will review you and the guy's financial statement and make a support ruling.
Well, mortal an exotic dancer is a job which presumably pays the bills so the way I see it...you hold a job which makes you a responsible parent assuming your bills are remunerated and your daughter is properly taken care of. If the judge have any sense he will know this, not to mention that if your ex is trying to prove you're an unfit mother the burden of proof is on him to do so. (Just saying you're an exotic dancer is not going to be enough, I promise). He'll own to prove excessive drug use or violence or abandonment.
You will carry money but it will depend on your income and expenses and your ex's income and expenses. The Court will set an amount...I strongly encourage you to have his wages garnish so you don't have to chase his *** down, that way it will come right out of his check and into your edge account. Good luck.

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