Can the traffic police make available you a fine and 3 points to your licence minus stopping you?

Tonight I was pulling out of MacDonalds and may have old 1st gear a bit too much and gone up pto 35mph for like a sec but then slowed down as I be coming to a junction. Anyway a second or 2 later a traffic officer starting following me for around 600yards all the way to my entrance approach to my flats but didn't pull me over. When he followed me I was doing 30mph within a 30 area so I wasnt speeding. He had a kismet to tlk to me while I was waiting for my garage door to open but didnt. I am in recent times in fear that I will capture fined and 3 points for doing nothing wrong but get that 14 light of day thingy. I am really paranoid! Im just hoping he did a vehicle check coz I have a short time sporty ford fiesta and it was like 10pm at darkness and so thought I was a boy racer/a stolen car. Please aid me not worry
They won't, if you were driving erratically he may have suspected something be wrong. If he wasn't satisfied by the time you finished driving he would have address you.

At that time of night - driving a sporty number, he may well enjoy suspected you were a loony but obviously when he saw you he be happy that you weren't.
I doubt it, unless he took down your license plate number and did a serch. I wouldnt worry about it. It would hold made far more sence for him to have pulled you over if there be a problem.

Answer mine please?…
How the hell did you get up to 35 within first gear?

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