Question on the subject of arrest warrant surrounded by Toronto Canada?

If an arrest warrant is issued for you (in Toronto, CANADA), how does the police perform this act? Are they allowed to break into your house if you don't answer (sleeping)? Do they allow you to dress up or they can arrest you near whatever your wearing (pyjamas)?
They come to your address and arrest you. Toronto is infamous for doing warrant roundups; felony, misdemeanor, or even good ol' bench.

If they hold reason to believe you are in an nouns (your house, someone else's house, department store dressing room), they may force entry if necessary. In reality, they'll knock so freaking complicated that you'd have better luck sleeping through a bomb blast. If you don't hear, you're trying to avoid them.

If you are inappropriately clothed they are allowed to arrest you as is. But they won't. They'll let you catch dressed, or dress you in clothes that they've searched. Even contained by the summer if a male isn't wearing a shirt, they'll find the guy a shirt. Same goes for shoes.
If it is a FELONY warrant consequently they will drop out of helicopters, or repel down the wall or break down the door or whatever they want.

Otherwise, they will probably pick you up in a round-up or on a traffic stop

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