Can you justifiably adopt an fully fledged?

NO as adoption is for minors in the UK
In the US it vary from state to state.

In other countries it again varies to yes to no or only contained by specific circumstances such as mental disability of the adult in put somebody through the mill.
No, once a party is 18 years old they are no longer a minor and can not be adopted. That is why children within foster care are released when they turn 18 yrs old.


Apparantly, from reading other answers, you can adopt an adult. But it is not as common which is why masses (like myself) falsely assume it isn't done.
Yes you can. My mom was adopted by her biological father when she be 35 because they only just found out later. It means that she could inherit from him as his legal daughter and pocket on his name if she wanted to.
Not within the UK.
Adoption is the same legal process whether the individual is a child or an fully fledged. The court issues a new birth certificate for the adopt individual and any existing legal relationships with biological or custodial parents are severed. The adopt adult can change his or her end name, also called a surname exchange, and all adoption records will be hermetically sealed.

The most common reason to adopt an mature is for inheritance purposes. In this case, adult adoption allows someone to disappear property or financial assets to the adopted individual more easily.

The second grounds, almost as common, is to formalize an existing parent/child relationship. For example, parents can adopt a now fully developed foster child or stepchild. Adult adoption is a popular option for biological parents as well as for children who find their birth own flesh and blood and wish to be formally acknowledged or fathers who find children they didn't know they have.

Finally, adult adoptions repeatedly occur to provide perpetual care for an mature who has a diminished capacity or disability. Such grown adoptions can assume responsibility for a mentally retarded or challenged individual or someone who is physically disabled. Through the adoption process, one full-size can become the responsible party and decisionmaker for another adult's care.

Guidelines and requirements for developed adoptions vary between states. If you're considering an developed adoption, check with your Secretary of State. Many states require formal notification of birth parents. Some require the adopted group to be of diminished capacity while others only entail an agreement between the parties involved. If the adult up for adoption is married, some states will want to enjoy the consent of the adopted person's spouse

Interestingly, adult adoption are not always granted. Many are rejected because of a preexisting sexual relationship between the two parties, preventing same sex couples from purchase rights over one another. Since the courts are formalizing the relationship of parent and child; hence, any sexual relationship will prohibit the adoption.

Age differences might also can halt a proposed adult adoption. In most states, restrictions exist that require the adopting participant to be older than the person adopt.

Any suspected fraud will stop an adult adoption in its tracks. Fraud - alleged or physical - could include someone asking a wealthy individual to adopt him or her in demand to inherit property. If the adopting party doesn't fully consent or take the act, the courts will likely suspect fraud. Fraud can also relate to insurance, property, or wedded issues

Anyone considering an adult adoption is advised to swot the laws governing adoptions within his or her state and to consult an attorney. A full understanding of adult adoption and its effects is prerequisite before beginning the process of acquirement or becoming a brand new son or daughter, no matter what your age is.

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