How Many of you have Read " Fyodor Dostoevsky" 'Crime and Punishment, ?

what you had learn from it ?
what i will cram from it ?

i had stolen 5,00000 rs of my mother,and later on i be caught due to my own mistake,otherwise i am going to never be father had checked my bank statement,if i am going to put that money is some other bank,i am going to be 100 percent safe.

adjectives of you will think me theif,society will also called me theif and impossible ,but according to me ,what i had done is not bad at adjectives,i am 22 years old boy from india ,new delhi,Philosophy Hon 3 year student.
i am idea sad in my heart.not because i have steal because i had caught due to my own Foolishness.

what i will learn from"crime and Punishment

i steal that be not wrong,my father not give money for my needs,he fritter away money on beer and wine,on costly clothes
No, you don't get to use Dostoevsky like this and if that's the lesson you widely read, you read it wrong.

Every criminal has a "justifiable reason" for why they did what they did. Just because you reflect your reason was not wrong doesn't suggest that it isn't wrong though. Stealing is wrong, full stop. No matter how you tell yourself that it wasn't wrong, it still is. It doesn't concern what your father spends HIS money on, it's his money to spend, not yours to steal.

If you're smart enough to read Dostoevsky then you're smart satisfactory to figure out how to get money lacking stealing. You're an adult, your parents aren't responsible for you any more. Grow up.
You have done right as you did what you have thought right at that situation. However you could have think roughly some other ways also to have money..
Sorry, but I fail to see how Dostoevsky's 'Crime and Punishment' relates to the scenario you own given in any way.

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