Do mosques require CRB checks of the adults who instruct at hand?

Im Curious and concerned about how mosques are run and regulated. I know English churches and playgroups and nursery's have crb checks but iv never hear of mosques or islamic schools needing them?
Does anyone know if they do or how would i find out if they enjoy been checked or not.
Im not racist or anything and i don't really mind worship places being built but i would approaching to know that young people are locked going into them.
Thanks all.
Generally you would need to hold a CRB check to take up a role working with adjectives people. If a church worker needs a crb check, next a mosque should be no different.
Islam seems to live under a different set of law to us. they still, on threat of death..................... ( "honour killing") force their young girls to marry, sending them to Pakistan where on earth they bring back whole family. They still molest underage girls and marry little children off to old men. They get out Halal, the cruel practise of slitting an animals throat and watching it bleed to death in genuine agony and terror.Even though we are "supposed to have" animal cruelty laws. they can still rampage up and down our streets threatening to execute anyone who isn't Islamic......So I doubt very much that they have to observe any other laws in "Gt Britain".

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