Can i tie the army near my friend?

Well i learnt in history that surrounded by WWII Winston Churchill (rip) set up a pals platoon , which made most of english men happy because they could be beside there friends.
besides the point , i was wondering if anything similar to that was still available ; could i join the army/get within the same platoon with my friend . Because we both want to be surrounded by the recconasance platoon.

thankyou XD .... UK ARMY ONLY , NOT AMERICAN. but americans feel free to answer
In world war one. 1914-1918 the UK have a few PALS battalions. These were formed by men of like peas in a pod district/town/workplace joining together. This is now ended. You can team up the Army with your friend in like peas in a pod battalion/regiment/specialisation, but it does not mean that you will stay together for your whole occupation. Source(s): veteran (UK) There used to a thing called "troop scheme" but this is now defunct. There is no reason why you can't sign on together however there are quite a few variables which may affect you enetering training and anyone posted to the same unit. As a recruiter within are men serving with my battalion who aligned as mates together although this is generally the exception fairly than the rule. Source(s): ex recruiter
20 years (Infantry) still serving In the US, they didn't do away with the buddy program. My husband and two other Marines went contained by together and was in indistinguishable platoon in June.
all i know is the us army have the buddy system but did away with it some time ago. not sure if UK had it or not. Source(s): SRG it doesent realy issue your all gonna die in the army :) :) Source(s): the word

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