Goodbye Yahoo community - I longing you adjectives the exceedingly best of robustness ?

having had a cross-examine deleted for no apparent logical point I feel that YA are welcome to their warm approach to criticism. Their judgements upon what is right and proper is subjective.
Offences against race and religion are not deleted but own a go at our corrupt politicians and your question is delete.
I think I will return to letter writing.
What was the give somebody the third degree? I had an answer deleted and it wasn't racist, it be quite a pleasant one compared to some of the other people's ones and it wound me up somewhat chronic. You get sick and tired at times, but don't pass up, complain to yahoo as they may do something maybe.
goodbye :)
Bye Finglas.
And Bye -bye from the Boston Strangler and his door to door salesmen as all right ;-p
Your Marxist ideology will be missed.
By some.
Ciao - and I concur - race/religion/sexism/violence are all tolerated - WHY?
We all have question deleted...

Some people consider politics to be "sport"; however I do not nick my questions being delete personally..

I take them as hitting a audacity... a success in a course.
Don't go. Your interrogate was deleted by weak-willed Yahoo! Admins who are anxious of being sued by said corrupt politicians. Source(s): NT Studies course at the ISNT University. Don't let the door hit ya, where on earth the good Lord split ya
We all sympathise beside you and know what you mean vested interests always appear to rise to the top just like trash , I to am not impressed with the way it is going and thinking of going wager on to writing , Censorship is a communist tool not one i am comfortable with .
well yahoo is Right Wing terrorist group and they apply the quiz act
to all my question about neo fascist conservatism or Paul Wolfowitz neoconservative doctrine
without mention a simple interrogate like "why American people are so mad with gay people is nought else of a rednecks anti freedom group

yahoo fck yaaaaaaaa!!

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