How could Britain be made "great" again?

As a Briton, I frequently hear people saying how much this country is going downhill and I also hear so oodles people saying they would want to live in a foreign country. Now I do admit we do have serious problems here such as immigration, the discount and crime but I do love the UK and think I am glad to live here as opposed to other countries surrounded by the world such as the USA or China.

How can we "heal" our country and stop what seems like a further slip surrounded by standards and opinion?

Maybe we could invest in Education? Upgrade our Military? Integrate further into the EU? Withdraw from the EU? Cap immigration?

It would be interesting to see some opinion.
I'm not exactly sure but I would think smaller amount government handouts, more personal responsibility of the citizens and a strong relationship with the U.S.
It can't
Your county's downfall has be it's socialist agenda. The US is following right behind you. The democrat party here have been wedging socialism into our nation for decades. The problem is, once the management dole programs start, it is almost impossible to end them. For example, here in the US that LBJ started his time of war on poverty, which equates to nothing more then a dole platform for the welfare to proliferate... LBJ created an entire class of culture living in the projects that vote straight democrat to make sure their free ride continues. So, it their free ride be to end, there would be rioting contained by the streets and the cites would be burned down. Your specific question was almost Great Britain... there is no hope, it will continue to slide into sleep because of socialism.
What problems do you have besides a bit of dismissal the UK is a great place, i would do anything to live there and become a Brit, instead IM stuck being a tug a moron and a dork.
Mrs Minerva
perhaps you stipulation an education, yes this site is owned by our country and i agree they should be grateful, but then again the British invented the computer and the world general web so the very reality that yahoo was able to set this site up on a computer and seize it on the world wide web is gratitude to them
When we once again become a chief producer. Regrettably we will be dependent upon other countries for our oil and gas unless we can come up with an alternative source of drive. We are too small to be a major power in worldwide terms and we remain too dependent upon our relationship with the USA and once they agree on to divorce us we could well become an 'also ran' Slowly but surely our success as a mainstay of finance with give up and there is no doubt that should we verbs to suffer from recessionary affects with rising inflation, a falling pound and increasing un employment we could become an even more violent society next to the poorer people of the UK taking to the streets. Greed and a failure to protect society will be a leading problem for government.
By returning everything they stole from Africa( especially ART), and resolving the confusion they created surrounded by many African countries, like Nigeria.
Compared to the USA?

Well, for starters, contained by the USA you can't be searched by the pigs randomly or at a vagary. 4th amendment protections.
You have a constitutional right to the means to uphold your own life and property, so you're not THAT subject to the authority of the pigs in blue.
In the USA, the policy can not censor your speech.

Yeah, you've gotta be SO PROUD you're not like us, statist halfwit.

I'm not saying you dismantle your socialist policies or sumthin', how to spend your due dollars is your business and I tend to be generally neutral in the region of those policies themselves, but what about some CIVIL LIBERTIES and LIMITED GOVERNMENT to make Britain great again?
The USA isn't so great. That country is in major debt! So much so that it will probably fade out of existence surrounded by the next two decades. However, it is going to start WW3 before it does, and you & I will probably die defending our country! The Great part of the pack of Great Britain is just a name: it doesn't if truth be told mean great! Britain was a faithfully powerful nation, with much global influence, but that cease to be when all our national industries were destroyed next the remains sold-off to foreign investors during the 79 - 90 government. I would recommend that you do A level sociology! You will discover that the fears that you currently enjoy are mostly made-up (Immigration isn't a problem: if it were afterwards they would do something about it! Crime is being exaggerated to a fantastic amount: by far the worst crime is White-Collar crime anyway! The economy isn't doing too badly any: of course we're told it's failing; because the tories wanted to win an see, that's the only reason!)
Investing surrounded by education is always the smartest track to improve your country, although the "great" in Great Britain is contained by reference to the fact that it is the larger of the two regions once referred to as Brittany.

It is wonderful that you live contained by the UK and that you love living there. I live in the USA and definitely adore living here...and also love the fact that we are so rich in technology and largesse that an American company is providing this website to all of you to voice your opinions.

You ARE aware that Yahoo is base in California, right? AND that this website is something that the American company is sharing with the rest of the is NOT a British website. Isn't that a wonderful piece to know about the USA?

If you knew more nearly the USA, and the imcomparable blessing of being a resident and citizen of our magnificent country, you would probably approaching living here, too. One of our big problems here is people from all over the world abandon their countries like rats leaving sinking ships, and trying to live here ignore all our immigration laws.

Tony Blair once said you could share a lot about a country by how tons people are trying to get into it to live at hand.....
Great Britain is nothing to do beside standards or prosperity.

sell itself to the USA
A good place to start would be to cut any and all ties near the US. Look at the most recent act of "friendship" towards the UK. They gave you an informant, after they have interrogated him and knew the truth, so he could tell his lies to the UK so you would enter the Iraqi time of war. Is that something an allie or friend would do? isn't. It is something a self serving country would do.

Next is invest and promote education more. You already have straightforward access to Universities (especially when compared to the US). Tuition is reasonable. If you made it even more so, especially for those who show great promise or skills, then you would own more people interested in highly developed education.

You already have a much better condition care system than most other countries. The NHS is the largest employer in Europe. Quality strength care to boot.

You can only upgrade your military so much. You are a small nation. I would presume becoming further integrated into the EU would be a plus. But that is just my own inference. (I know the reasons why people are dead set against it)

You already have a wonderful country. Many, many things to be proud of.

I am an American. I married an Englishman. We hold lived in both can see both sides of this coin. When compared to England/UK...the US does not even compare. Oh Americans think because so copious people come into the US illegally, it must be the best country. They forget give or take a few geography. South America and Mexico account for the vast majority of our criminal immigrants. Again geography. Where as the UK has immigrant, both legal and illegal, from adjectives over the world. It is not mostly restricted to geographical immigrants.
Oh don't get me wrong, the UK have her fair share of problems..but when compared to the ones in America they whitish. America can only aspire to be as great as Great Britain.

The process of globalization is destroying the "traditional" homes of people all around the world, not purely in the UK.

The advent of capitalism on extreme levels and technology to do everything out of the country is driving everyone to do everything wrong in the race to hang on to up.

Investing in tech education is the first step, integrating into the EU would lend a hand economically. It's too complicated for me to get into.

In the end, protect yourselves from the see to the bottom of globalization. Many scandanavian do this with "socialism" that protects them from the huge income disparity being created contained by the US and UK.

This disparity creates crime, poverty, and opulence, and makes the UK a place people want to depart from. That is my opinion.
Great Britain is the name of the island that makes up most of England Scotland and Wales.

Some of us prospered during the eighteenth century because we have peasants to work in our fields and mills at starvation wages. Most of us be those peasants.

We prospered during the nineteenth century because we were able to pillage partly the world. We were armed with battleships and artillery and the locals be armed with fruit. That made us prosperous but hardly great.

We close to to look back to a golden age when we were well-to-do, successful and untroubled by immigrants - but it never existed. We have other had a wealthy few and a seething underclass keeping them surrounded by riches and there has other been a steady stream of immigrants wanting to become element of that underclass. If you think we're going downhill, you've never seen down.
As long as the socialists hold on to interfering with the world economies, not a soul will be GREAT again.

This idea that others who work for a living need to support those that do nil for a living will destroy any and all world economy eventually.

It has been proved time and time again, even so they continue to try.

There is only one course to succeed and that is by rewards. Even if you train a puppy, he understands the rewards, and does anything you ask to get them.

When you give others rewards for no pains, the people who take the risk, do the work, take home the sacrifices, will always do smaller number when they see less reward. It is a natural human response.

Yes, we need to help the poor, but we do not necessitate to provide a living to them equal to the people that sacrifice their daily lives to construct a living, achieving less and smaller quantity, as more is taken from them.

Sorry, sounds cruel, but one day all societies will hold to make a decision, any stop the spending, the mass immigrations, the ridiculous benefits or become bankrupt.

There will be no other option.
Be more like France, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden. Integrate further next to the EU and aspire to their socialised system since those countries are ranking very high on the human nouns index, quality of life, etc. And Im undeniably dying to move there.

Don't look the US for inspiration.
Cap immigration repeal from the EU as we do not need it, it needs us.. and for once we refuse to help when greece was have troubles.

We can look after our own nation independantly we don't need forigen laws and track of life being chosen for us.

We entail to build up out infrastruture MORE.. stop selling our nuclear plants.. because france is laughing at us.

re open mines, and the old factory start making our own products and sell them on to the world for more income.. isnt that the basics of bussiness ?

socialist does not work its full of borrowing and lend... and right now were definitely not lending..

So infrastructure is a key point in my eyes.

upgrade our military technoligy and equipment yes i don't think you can up order their quiliy of play because they already have the best standards of training in the world.

respectively regular soilder is almost like a super soilder.

more industry = more income = more people surrounded by work.

stop our industry going to foriegn nations or just job as a whole such as call centre's because the those of the UK are perfectly okay with doing telephone call centre's. they do pay well ample.

the UK was fine until WW2... and the EU and immigration which we never asked for.

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