Oil spill BP's "mess" / BP's "problem"?

... and WWII was Hitler's mess, Hitler's problem, Hitler's responsibility to clean up? (I'm not comparing BP to Hitler, I'm basically trying to conduct an outlandish extension of the logic.) If Hitler had not shot himself in the obverse, would we have put him in charge of European reform because it was his fault, his mess, his problem? Fellow liberals, I am profoundly disappointed by these arguments and attitudes. It doesn't issue whose 'fault', whose 'mess' right now. That will matter then when it is time to determine responsibility and dispense justice. Right now, this is an environmental disaster of epic proportion, and "Well, BP say..." or "We're making sure BP does..." are pathetic and profoundly incompetent attitudes. "Well, you know, since all this deregulation and privatization, the affairs of state doesn't have the personel, expertise or equipment..." is not reasonable or above-board. This is an emergency and the president is in the position and has the authority to assemble the personel, expertise and equipment. Did FDR read aloud, "Well, you know, we just don't have the personel, expertise or equipment to resist Hitler"? FDR go out and GOT the personel, expertise and equipment. That is Obama's job and he is not doing it. He hasn't even independently collected any information! He just tell us what "BP says" then once in a while tell us they're lying and insists he's "kicking their (a)ss" and "telling them what he wants". An emergency demands action, and excuses ARE NOT ACTIONS. Since when did we become the participant of talking points and excuses like, "it's hard", "we're doing the best we can beside what we have" and "I don't think anybody could have predicted"?
That's such a stupid analogy.

Heres the thing, the government requirements to enforce the law. That's it. If that means slapping BP near a 13 billion dollar fine for all the oil they spilled thus far so be it.

It's not the role of the charge payer to clean up something that we didn't cause, BP cause it not the tax payer or our government so why are you shifting accountability to the import tax payer and to the government when the accountability lies solely with the knees-up responsibility? And that's BP.

Yes I am aware of the devastation the spill caused. And BP should clean it adjectives up and if they go bankrupt surrounded by the process THEN the government has an necessity to intervene, and until then it's not our responsibility.

When someone takes a dump surrounded by your back yard who should verbs it up? The party responsible or YOU?
You are preaching to the choir. BP's mess / The Gulf Coast's problem.
Bad put somebody through the mill ,srry.
Not sure what the actual question is..But I agree Obama should be a man of bustle because his words are not doing alot of good.I personally do not impart a rats butt whose fault it is,just get hold of the oil stopped and call surrounded by anyone that has offered to help minus all this talking.Action in a minute talk later.Stop bullsh**tin the general public.

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