Why does the US support Israel?

I just wondered why the US gives so much support to Israel and no equal support to Palestine - is it because the US favours the Jewish population surrounded by the region over the Muslim/Arab population?
Jews own 99% of America. When Israel say jump, America jumps. It really is as simple as that.
Religion*, and democracy.

All aid to adjectives foreign nations needs to be slashed, included aid to Israel. America wants to worry about America simply. Whatever happens overseas is not our business.

*NOTE- No, narrow-minded Republicans, I am not an anti-Semite.
The State of Israel is an American colony founded by American Jews. It owes its existence to the wholesale displacement and persecution of the Palestinian people. Both the USA and Israel claim to be democracies and the family of both countries have the opportunity to elect governments that don't support Israeli genocide. And kosher pigs might fly.

And previously you accuse me of antisemitism, Palestinians are semites too.
The "United States" is an inanimate geographical landscape mass and therefore has no conciousness to support "Israel" which is newly another label on a map.

Some politicians pledge support to the Israeli government. The reason as to why is something the common citizen can only speculate towards.

That's it. Stop generalize.
Both countries have the same owners.
You might as well ask those who support the United Negro College Fund (a worthy cause, I must say) that they also support the Ku Klux Klan, just to be equal and not favor one group over the other.

>Yes, it is indistinguishable thing. That is because both situation deal beside comparing apples and oranges. The United States supports the sovereign nation of Israel's right to exist. Palestinian Gaza is not a sovereign nation, as it is not internationally recognized as such. It is not based on religion; remember the United States released Kuwait and supports Arab nations of Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt, among others.

BTW. If the KKK established a college fund for whites, would you believe that they are doing good? Hamas is playing subject in order to gain sympathy.
I think Crue-K made a apt point.

The jews tried to take over the medium sized European powers past WW2 - check out this link if you don't believe me;


However, the stupid white Americans - not all of them, just the racist ones, focused solely on the "treat" from the black man and now look at the **** they got themselves into - person controlled by jews. At least blacks integrate without trying to control your mind.
The one item Israel is good at is it's propaganda. Jewish influence has penetrated plentiful western countries, most notable the US. Jewish lobbyist's ensure that the influence of Israel is upheld in the US Government. The US will never in public condemn the actions of Israel. The US Government talks of the menace posed by Iran, and even though there is a valid argument in this, the biggest menace is Israel, that is already a nuclear power. State sponsored assassination, genocide, illegal manor grabs, flouting the rules of engagement etc etc, where does it pause. Boycott Israel and Israeli goods and lets hope that sooner or later, someone blows Israel off the map.
Mainly to hang on to Iran, Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan from obliterating it, massacring everyone and turning it into a muslim state. (which they would prominently do in a heartbeat, if not for the US)

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