Would he budge to detention centre, or childish offender or something? What would evolve to him?

If a 15 year old boy, with no previous offenses be in a relationship with a 14 year older girl, handcuffed her and raped her, even though she still still stayed with him until roughly speaking a month afterwards when he broke up with her.. If she reported it what would happen to him? Would they believe her? Especially considering this boy is very well loved by everyone and the girl had a history of behaving disappointingly with men, although to the extreme of actual sexual intercourse? What even she didn't even think he would do it again and he be deeply apologetic about it, what if the trash bag even apologised to her while he was still inside her? What should surface?
I work contained by a YOI in the UK and we have babyish boys in there who enjoy been convicted of rape with girls below 16, even though the girls were willing. They are also on the Sex Offenders Register for duration.
all she have to do, is make a claim of rape and by government imperative the police will have to investigate. whatever the investigation turns up, the police will purloin the appropriate action. the appoligy while he was within the act of rape can be used as a way to show he know what he was doing was wrong. He can be arrested,sent to trial, and made to register as a sex perpetrator if found guilty. Find out the rape law where you live
Are you POSITIVE it was rape? cause if she like it, or said "yes" it is not an offense, and the police often side with women, sometimes even regardless of history, but not other disregarding the histroy of the female. And did she stay with him out of alarm? Or not? Did she tell you it was rape? or did she vote it was because of the handcuffs? The permanent status is often thrown around loosely.

Bottom line: If she said "Yes" or enjoy it, it isn't rape
If she didnt like it, or said "No" or "Stop" it is rape.
what should happen is the little bar-stool should be locked up for a long long time
however i think if he denise it no jury will convict him coz they will not grasp why she would stay with him but only report it when they split
that sounds close to she is making it up coz he has dumped her, so i don't think you would gain a conviction Source(s): my head

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