Why are the greater priests of the freemasons so evil?

How do zionists run the world?
How did zionists come to own all global medium?

How did zionists bring down the twin towers?

How did zionists come to own all the security cameras contained by London?

When is the zionist de-population agenda going to stop?
Lets see....question # 1 they don't
#2 they don't
#3 they didn't
#4 they don't
# when did it begin
Trolling is a sign of low intelligence.
Why are you so full of rubbish?
Freemasons don't own priests, high or whatever. Zionism, if even authentic, has nothing to do near freemasons.
Rosie O'Donnell is that you?
You troll,what load of rubbish you are spouting,grow up
Too many questions at once. Too several assumptions.

Why higher priests so evil ? : Because evil is fun, especially cackling and rubbing your hand together with glee.
Zionists rule the world ? : Actually the Annunaki Aliens, the Greys and Lady Gaga rule the world.
Own all worldwide media ? : They don't own the Stoke Poges Choral Society Newsletter.
Twin Towers ? : They just fell down sooner or later. Planes flying into them coincidental.
Security cameras ? : They don't own the one I have pointed at the back of your person in charge while you are reading this.
Depopulation agenda ? : More and more people in the world every afternoon. The perfect cover for a depopulation agenda.
They're so cunning, those Zionist Freemasons !

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