What is the difference the unit of the Airborne Rangers & Ranger from the U.S. Army?

Hi I've seen some soldiers who wears with the sole purpose 1 gold ranger patch on his left arm & I see other guys who wear black,white, & red Airborne Ranger patch. What is the difference between the 2 units from the U.S. Army?
1, All Rangers are airborne.

2. The Red/white and black scroll that says 1st BN, 2nd BN or 3bn , 75th ranger, and airborne

Is the scroll that members assigned to the Ranger Regiment wear on the left shoulder showing they are assigned to the Ranger regiment.

It is earn by completing RASP and being assigned to the Ranger Regiment.

or soldiers who have go to combat, wear on thier right shoulder to show they have been within combat as a Ranger.

2. The Gold Tab that says Ranger, is worn on the Left shoulder, it is awarded to anyone who has completed Ranger School.

You do NOT hold to be a Ranger to go to Ranger School

Ranger School is a combat leadership arts school, NOT a school that trains you to be a Ranger.

IE: you can be a cook and go to Ranger School.
The multi colored patch signifies the Ranger Battallion, the Gold one signifies completion of RANGER training
As stated above.

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