Is the international medium blowing this together crisis contained by Europe road out of proportion?

Because crises like these have happen before and they have not signaled a annihilation knell to societies.

Aren't we just simply overreacting to what appears to be nothing more than an financial fluctuation?
Recessions are part of economic vivacity, but a recovery is always on the horizon. The reduction will recover but the damage that be done is beyond repair. The amount of people who have lost their job and houses in Britain will end up costing the tariff payer more. 15,000 people lost their jobs within one month under labour. Labour be bankrolling banks and foreign countries near tax payers money and loans from China. Britain is bankrupt, houses enjoy no equity. You can't release equity on a house you bought for 200k that's now worth 85k. Labour opened the doors for every scumbag shyster to crawl out from the gutters and they allowed it to take place. cash for gold, (2356 percent on average over a full years apr) Labour know this would happen and didn't change the regulations on usury. They considered necessary to keep us in debt so they could drip nurture the voting public sticky buns as concessions through a drip. Thankfully the voting public seen through the veener and voted them out. Greece and Ireland are feeling the full effect of the EU, be next. The euro cannot take the dollar on neither can British sterling Source(s): I worked for a firm that bought produce exclusively from China, they didn't want sterling only US dollars. So if the USA has the money market favouring the dollar what does that mean for the rest of us. simply put, no.
Just for once they aren't reporting on it ample and they aren't hitting the right wave length either. It is a great deal more serious for us then they are telling us. It isn't a short time ago Greece, Spain, Ireland etc countries in the eurozone that are going to suffer. All of the EU is and it might even just expand into the rest of the world. I'm afraid adjectives the debt and borrowing that went on the same next to England, Greece and other countries could bury us all. We may with luck come out of this recession but we won't be ok. Our grandchildren will remuneration the price for all the greed and incompetence of our politicians and financial services sector for years to come. One thing for sure though is that we are adjectives going to be a lot poorer for a long time. That is all but the bankers and politicians.

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