English housing or American housing?


American houses are nicer and bigger for how much you are paying for them but England is a better place to live. I just love the english weather.
American houses are so much ncer than the squishy houses we enjoy here in the UK

Canadian thing : i don't know anyone that lives contained by a tenement,and i live in one of the biggest cities,so before you believe to be - get your facts right.
Brick English houses..

lol any one can place two pictures to close-fisted anything ..


my house anything like that in tweak land? thought not .. Source(s): http://media-2.network.britannica.com/eb-med…


and my house painted by Turner


lol you're not gonna win this one stupid.. Why compare a country with a large population to England beside a smaller population and area and is not a sovereign nation like the USA. To receive a fair comparison, compare one state to one constituent country or the whole of the USA to the UK, don't mix and clash.
Those English tract houses would shift for about $100,000 in NJ and would be a step above a project contained by ten years. The NJ houses go for about $350,000.
Czech Republic roads

Italian Roads

What is your question?

You were so subtle I missed your point. You are comparing apples and oranges. England have some beautiful homes as do we here in USA.
Too many slums in the USA. We don't enjoy any real slums like you hold.

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