Hi,I have some doubts with this:

What's OUTTA? I penny-pinching,it's a abbrevation or slang?
What does AINT mean? It's a abbrevation of HE NOT,SHE NOT,IT NOT??

Thank u
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Stick to Spanglish
hello OUTTA mean im out of something such as im outta coffee or im outta milk

and AINT means i didnt do that or im not doing that i said aint alot haha xxxx possibly if you need help next to anymore just send me a message xx
outta is a slangily abbreviated form of out of as contained by:

I want to get out of here.

I want to get outta here.

aint is a typically Southeastern word which be going to am not, as in:

I am not a liar.

I aint a fraudster.
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Ignore both (don't use them) and you will gain the respect of the English speaking community.
outta - out of
wrong category, my friend.
outta-out of
Here's the problem, you're asking this from Y!A UK but you are asking us about slang that's most commonly found in the USA. I don't reflect our slang has gone over the pond yet.
OUTTA - SLANG: Let's grasp [outta] here = Let's get [out of] here

AINT - SLANG: That [ain't it] = That's [not it]
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Outta = out of

Aint = isn't as surrounded by 'isn't it'?

Say it fast.
"Outta" is a mingling of "out of".
"Ain't" is a corrupted contraction of "are not" or "is not" (which should be "aren't" and "isn't" respectively).

Both "outta" and "ain't" are extremely poor grammar, and are not global in the Anglosphere, you would rarely here ethnic group in the UK use either.

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