Where is the close intermingle between the EDL and BNP?

the UAF constantly go on about it but can some one present me link please to prove once and for all that the EDL are of late loads of BNP members in disguise running around the country combat street battles
Both are against sharia law, The UAF are lately against any organisation which could be slightly offensive.
I'm surprised that they haven't tried shutting girl guides down for not letting 41 year old men within and being ageist and sexist.
I think that BNP and EDL devotion could include some of the same people, but the regulation and aims of each organisation is 95% different.
The BNP have no links with the EDL whatsoever, but a minority of member may be associated with these thugs, the BNP are not able to control that. The BNP without a doubt do not encourage membership Whereas beside the violent thugs of the UAF and SWP accused mound robber, donation cheat and ex minister for Labour Hain does control the UAF with his general Martin Smith. The prevalent difference is all the thugs of the SWP and UAF are paid up member of the Labour Party.

Check out this link:


It requests no comment.





I can keep putting up links all daytime - but those who are wilfully blind will not see what they do not want to see.

You people are fooling no one but yourselves.

You didn't ask if the EDL be formed or funded by the BNP and I certainly did not say that. But do not member and organising personnel belonging to and involved in the political activities of both organisations constitute a relation?
okay there is not any transparent which i can find that proves your theory but what UAF seem to assume is that because a couple of EDL are members of the BNP they seem to have a sneaking suspicion that that they all must be which is complete BS

i see it all the time on the UAF website whenever a counter EDL motorcade is coming up the UAF are always writing

"the racist football hooligans of the EDL who have close links beside the BNP"

and im always like PROOF show me that they enjoy close links with the BNP and i will happily stop defending them and siding next to them in debates but the UAF lately seem to be getting more and more desperate

(a)shev ye that clip has be cut another completely misleading so called evidence of the UAF
Some members of EDL have be members of the BNP, but then some enjoy most likely been member of other parties too. I would imagine most of them vote for UKIP.

It is expressly forbidden for current member of the BNP to be involved with the EDL, but that wont stop left wing nutters going on roughly it, anyone who disagrees with their anti-British/ multicultural agenda gets labeled a fascist.

Do we look bovvered?
Whether or not this link can be proved, if the bnp do not will to be associated with the edl, can i suggest that they get their sorry a***s into gear and do something going on for their uklawfaq.com tame gold beneficiary, (and we all know who i mean, don`t we. ) who uses EDL as his avatar, all the same at the same time states on his profile, and i quote. `` I am a gold accomplice of the bnp. I am also a prominent activist for the party `` or are gold ingots members allowed to hunt with the hounds and run near the fox ?
People forget the EDL are families and normal society.

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