Nigerian Bank Scam- They Have My Mothers Telephone Number? How?

I recieved one of those Nigerian bank scam things yesterday. As a joke, i replied. I did NOT endow with him any of my details. This morning, my mother who i do not live with recieved a phone call from a individual who told her he sent me an e-mail yesterday and was awaiting my reply. How did he get my mothers number?

Please respond ASAP. Thanks.
If you replied, they'd know your e-mail or street address. From that, they could carry the phone number. Also from your name.
Don't sweat it and hold messing with them. Tell them you sent them money via western union etc.
You are on the side of right.
Because people are stupid and distribute details away without even realising it, all you hold done with your joke is confirm to these bedbugs that the email they sent went to a valid address and they will now pester you for ever and a morning and every day they will glean a little bit more information going on for you and your family and they will sooner or later enjoy enough information to ruin your life, they are vermin but you were incredibly stupid.
there are net sites that can get you all most any info on any one
you really should not reply to them even as a jape.

if you do then they would have your email and from at hand they might have gotten a hold of more details about you.

near is not point in reply to the emails, so you really should not do it
they looked up your finishing name on some people flush site, found someone with the same surname down, and called the number. There are websites where you can rate to find out everything about a person, their parents name, birthdate, address, etc. Dont play along or reply as jokes, these scams are run by criminal gang who operate around the world. Your mother needs to get guest ID and not answer any calls from these people or only just keep letting all call go to voicemail

Look on sites like and you can procure even the value of their home, their address, their spouse, parents and kids names, birthdates, annual income and everything else you inevitability to commmit identity theft

Or you still may be listed surrounded by many directories under your mother's address and phone if you ever lived at that number

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