Can a police officer and the target remove your simple presage for a big misunderstanding? ?

I've a simple caution for harassment lacking violence.
Offence: sending multiple text and sitting outside her address for several hours.
The casualty is the my girlfriend.(still my girlfriend)
She want remove the simple caution because, she think that hold exaggerated and had a misunderstanding.
A caution is not an offence against your autograph but will remain on your record. Usually this shouldn't matter a unbroken lot unless you are applying for a government job or something. I wouldn't stress in the region of it
Sorry but the answer is no. By accepting a care you signed to say that you admit the felony. That means that it cannot be written off. Basically, you admit what you did (and by the sounds of it - it was harassment).
She obviously complained to the police at the time which is why they become involved. They must have spoken to you and you admitted what you have done and signed the caution forms rather than walk to court. Therefore you have the caution on your text.

However, for employment purposes and CRB checks cautions become 'spent' as soon as they are received, so from an employment point of view you never enjoy to declare them and they never show up, unless you would be subject to a higher smooth CRB check.

Don't worry about it and verbs.

Good luck :)
Asking the same sound out again won't get you a better answer, it will stay on your record forever and so it should, what you did be stupid and even if you have both forgiven each other presently what you did was a criminal offence.

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