(a) Confused Hal: NHS Spending Cuts?


"Even the so-called ring fenced services, such as the NHS, are to feel the pain. The management wants to slash an astonishing lb20 billion from the health service."

Posted: 5.35pm Tuesday 15 December 2009

Labour be planning the same all along.

Now will you wake up up to reality?
Your link doesn't work so you might want to rephrase your question.

Tory voters be never in the dark that their propsals on the NHS be that Labour targets should not be met which we all know were cuts by the back door.

I take that Labour wanted to maintain current spending on the NHS short the current Tory cuts which by abolishing targets would cut treatment waiting times, and afterwards effectively implementing cuts, is this really a news grabber.
my local hospital is making huge cuts due to denial of funding from last year.let me reckon now. who was surrounded by charge last year? oh yes i remember now. it be labour. but hal wont see the truth.

edit the interconnect works ok
Good. There is no sense for the NHS to be ring fenced, when you consider how much money they waste on administration, manager, re-branding, leaflets in every language below the sun, closing hospitals only to re-open them two years later, not to mention the most expensive drugs trial this country have ever seen...only to prove that the drugs man trialed were useless (as the independent reported today).

Labour were not going to stop relatives having operations - not the humane of thing that would cross their minds. If you had listen carefully and read the manifesto - there be not going to be funding similar to that of the past 7 years - because most of that money was spent on untried equipment and hospitals. The current government have adopt the same, obviously, but surrounded by addition will cut funding. They believe in private healthcare so this is the first of various stops that will follow.

Myself, Hal and Mac will be asking you how your reality check is coming along soon, but in the meantime - I'm impressively impressed that you are reading the socialist worker.
Yet another one who believes adjectives the propaganda they read in NEWSPAPERS!! Notoriously, newspapers are full of LIES and misleading quotations made up by editors to seize the headlines and make gullible ethnic group like yourself believe them. Especially when it comes to politics. The Socialist Worker is a Communist paper which singular a handful of people would bother to read at best and even those who do read it are very sceptical give or take a few it's truthfulness or authenticity. Strange isn't it that all the Tory papers seemed to founder to pick up on this so called revelation. That tells me it is zilch but a bare faced slouch and only the really gullible will use it to try to smear the last Labour Government more than it already is. To what purpose? To entice voters never to vote for them again? Please be aware that no matter how much you tar the Labour Party or spread the lies around, not one will be converted to believe this claptrap and garbage. Put the Socialist Worker where it belongs - within the bin.
To be fair to Hal he is not the merely one refusing to accept the authenticity of the position their blessed Labour Party has left us within. Darling stated if Labour were re elected the Labour Government were going to brand name cuts "bigger and deeper than Thatchers" Yet they somehow forget this and criticise any cuts the Coalition are making. They are even using the Daily Mail as a source of their info.

We have unemployment rising, we own inflation double the target, and still rising, and only 72% of the working population are actually working. If you humiliate the debt we are in, which is very firm to do, those 3 alone are major problems inherited by the Coalition.
I am not fond of any sort of cuts, especially where the NHS is concerned. Cancel Trident, not doctors.
We as a nation removed the labour party because we didn't believe contained by them anymore and we elected a mix of tory and lib dem's based on their promises and manifesto's.

Cameron and Clegg both promised us no cuts in the NHS. They required the position, they have got it, immediately they have exposed themselves to questioning. And within the last 4 weeks have sure provided an opportunity to ask questions of them - they are not so forth coming with the answers though.

It is no correct saying "well employees would have done it" - Labour haven't got the opportunity to prove otherwise.

If Labour have planned to cancel operations, use up the amount of time that GP's spent in front of their patients I would have said exactly impossible to tell apart thing.

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