Do you meditate that their should be restrictions on the amount of children a couple can hold?

it is said that even though a family can provide for many, within the long run the overpopulation will make life for our children to be horrible.

i would rouse couples to have a maximum of 2 but what do you think
Well the argument is basically personal autonomy vs. "beneficial" social engineering

I support personal liberty but I can understand how countries similar to China end up with a one child policy.
How more or less one?
Yes. I do think there should be restrictions, but that they should be self imposed.

If we have a global education system that qualified critical thinking and compassion for our species, all other species and the health of the planet itself a bit than fascist propaganda, everyone would understand and agree that having any more than 2 children contained by a world that's facing economic, social, political and environmental collapse would be a kind of greed and self-importance.

Before we could live in such a world however we, as a species would have to find a method to remove our current fascist, global plutocracy and replace it with a much more unrestricted system.
I do not agree. If a Mother and a Father can support themselves and the children, it is fair. If a mother gets three babies within her stomach, it is not fair to her if she had to impart up one.

Therefore, I do not agree with you.
as long as the parents of the children can support each one who are we to say they can with the sole purpose have two? im a family of 5 and we adjectives are perfectly fine, we grew up normally and economically and so no law or person is going to let somebody know me i have to just reduce my family to 2 kids... we arent china...who DOES have that specific directive...
First two, still qualified for income export tax deduction.
Next two, lose income tax conclusion
Subsequent children, income tax penalty.
No, I consistency this would be a gross violation of government power. We aren't China.
I cannot see how it is a fundamental human right to make as many brood as you like, regardless of whether you are able to charge for them or not, and regardless of whether there is enough space for them.

Just for the sake of argument, if we *assume* that in attendance were a current population crisis vs. the amount of available food (as there be in China some years ago), then what give one person the right to make another mother's child starve to passing merely because she wants to have 15 children?

If within were a population crisis, then respectively extra child born means another child will go hungry. Under those hypothetical conditions, is it a important human right to steal food out of the mouth of another child?
I completely agree! My elder sister has 7 children! While she can provide for them physically, sort of, (food, clothes, etc) she can not provide for them all emotionally. And it have caused significant developmental problems including but not limited to university, and behavior problems. One of my nephews set her house on fire because he was bored! I love my sister, but explicitly too many!
There are also the people who merely have babies to get money from the command. I am sure you do not see this where you all are at, but within my hometown in AL, there be so... many woman having babies and getting their check every month, but not taking precision of their children! These woman would be walking around with new clothes on while the babies lately had on diapers and were human being allowed to run all over the place, including the street.
I do not think in that are many people knowledgeable of taking care of more than 2 children. Why not limit the amount of children we can hold? God knows, America might even get the reputation of mortal intelligent like China! And if people have time to take care of the 2 children they have, our society would be so much better.

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